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Telephone: 972-533-1668
Ministry Profile: JAMES E. SMITH II 525 STONEWALL CT. CEDAR HILL, TX 75104 (972-533-1668) Dear Search Committee: Thank you for taking the time of possibly considering me for your Minister position. I am happy to hear that you are still considering candidates. Let me give you a brief overview of my resume, I have over 17 years experience serving as an Associate minister and have held several roles in the church. Also I will be graduating from The Brown Trail School of Preaching in December 2014. I believe I have been an effective witness for Christ while adding souls to the body of Christ. I want to challenge myself by expanding my territory, leadership and bring more souls to Christ. I believe that your church is the right place for this challenge. Loving God and my desire to edify the body of Christ is my passion. Being reared in a generation of a Church of Christ Family and observed my relatives serving as Ministers and Evangelist throughout the nation, so the more I want to do for Christ, the more my passion for his work grows. I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to further discuss my qualifications as they relate to your current Minister position. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely, James E. Smith II, Associate Minister, Cliffwood Church of Christ JAMES E. SMITH II 525 STONEWALL CT CEDAR HILL, TX 75104 (972-533-1668) OBJECTIVE: To serve as the Senior Minister and provide Christ-like leadership in all areas of preaching, teaching, and counseling in which I have experience over 15 years. I am a skilled communicator and orator who will connect with the congregation in a way that encourages their spiritual growth and add numerically to the Body of Christ. VISION: To bring souls to the true spiritual knowledge of Christ though the teaching of the Word. Complete a biblical education starting in 2013 and become a Senior Minster within the Church of Christ. EDUCATION: Brown Trail School of Preaching, Bedford, Texas 2013 - Present Systemax Engineer Program 2005 (Certified Systemax Engineer) Southwestern Kansas State, Winfield Kansas 1987 - 1988 Athletic Scholarship (General Studies) Navarro College, Corsicana, Texas 1986 - 1987 Athletic Scholarship (General Studies) Dallas County Community Colleges, Dallas, Texas 1985 - 1988 Summer Sessions (General Studies) EXPERIENCE: Internet Radio Host, Brown Trail School of Preaching, Bedford, TX 2013 - Present WWW.BTRADIO.NET , entitled “Following the Scriptures.” Associate Minister, Cliffwood Church of Christ, Dallas, TX 2010 - Present I work under the oversight of a Senior Minister as Associate Minister; I am helping develop the spiritual growth and moral maturity of the congregation. Duties included, but not limited to pulpit preaching, bible class teaching and working with youth development training classes and individual and group bible study. Associate Minister, Cedar Valley Church of Church, Dallas, TX 1997 - 2010 As the Associate Minister, I have experience in a full range of duties that would normally be completed by a Senior Minister. These duties include but not limited to: participating in the planning and conducting of worship service; weekly staff planning meetings with minister serving as a advisor to the Senior Minister; preaching and providing worship leadership on a regularly scheduled basis; fulfilling ministerial duties in the absence of the Senior Minister; initiating action needed to further accomplish the church’s mission by identifying barriers/challenges and helping implement solutions; maintaining clear channels of communication with the leadership to inform the Senior Minister of needs, activities, and/or problems and receiving his input, insight and affirmation related to plans and decisions; supervising and assisting the ministerial staff in planning, coordinating and implementing programs related to their areas of responsibility; working with the other associate ministers and appropriate committees and other staff members in seeking innovative ways to develop the church; working as the church benevolence coordinator for ten years to help assists the Senior Minister in visiting and giving comfort to the hospitalized, sick and shut-in member and bereaved; working collaboratively with the Senior Minister in orienting new members, as well as, new converts providing guidance and counseling to members of the congregation; teaching adult Bible classes and being a resource/mentor to other adult teachers; sharing and managing ministerial care and crises of family members; such as funerals and memorial services also performing wedding celebrations. MISSIONARY Hurricane Katrina, September 2005 EXPERIENCE: Coordinated the relief efforts with various members of the Cedar Valley Church of Christ providing food and essential needs for the victims. Also, I worked with hundreds of other volunteers towards the relief effort of hurricane victims. Homeless Committee with picking up the homeless from the shelters; providing food and clothing for those in need along with preaching, teaching of God’s Word. PERSONAL: Wife, Pamela, 1 son, James, 2 daughters Paige and Paris SALARY: Negotiable REFERENCES: Upon Request