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Church Name: Church of Christ

Position: Full time Minister
Type of Ministry: Pulpit
Type of Job: Full-time

Job Description: The Church of Christ located at 2515 Meadowbrook Drive, August, GA is seeking a full time minister to help the congregation grow spiritually, help with worship, evangelistic efforts and member care needs. He should be mature in the faith and have a life style demonstrating his commitment to the Lord. The ideal candidate will be a family man with a supported spouse. He must be biblically and doctrinally sound and have a proven ability to preach, teach, organize and lead a program of evangelistic outreach. He must have the biblical ability to challenge the congregation with scriptural wisdom, insight and current practical application. The ideal candidate should be educated from a college or university affiliates with the Church of Christ. He should be willing to accept a low salary until the membership grows and is able to give more support.

Application Instructions: If interested, please send resume, three references, and CD/DVD video of a sermon that you recently delivered to the Committee Chairman, Bro. Edward Kitchens, 2927 Hillcreek Drive, August, GA 30909. He can also be contacted at (706) 860-5222.

Street Address: 2515 Meadowbrook Drive
City: Augusta
State: GA
Zip Code: 30906
Phone Number: (706) 798-6962
Contact Name: Bro. Edward Kitchens
Phone: (706) 860-5222
Email: none-by-phone-only