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Church Name: South Lyon Church of Christ

Position: Pulpit and Ministry
Type of Ministry: Pulpit
Type of Job: Full-time

Job Description: This is not your ordinary minister’s position. If you want a typical, predictable, well-defined, no-surprises ministry, then don’t read any further. If you are not accustomed to feeding the hungry, clothing the needy, welcoming the visitor, visiting the sick and the imprisoned, then this job may not be for you. However, if you have a burning desire to join with a small congregation becoming a healthy, trusting, and working, on-fire church to the glory of God, then you better get your GPS out, because our congregation is where you should be. We are a small but mighty group of believers who average about 100 in attendance on Sunday mornings. Don’t let that number fool you - we are a lot bigger at heart. We have a modern, user friendly building, specifically designed for outreach. While maintaining a small town atmosphere, the South Lyon area is one of the fastest growing suburban communities in Southeastern Michigan (yes, our state is quickly becoming a vibrant and vital hub of the US once again). See more about us at our website We are a congregation well on the way to re-casting its mission-led efforts to become a service oriented, grace based, contemporary and connected body of believers in our community. We will not list a large number of job responsibilities, for you know a full-time minister in a small congregation has to cover from A to Z. But we will try to not tie you down with duties other members can perform, as long as you are there supporting and equipping them and showing a good example of how to serve the Lord. The minister must have sufficient experience and a disciplined heart to successfully supervise his own actions to lead and partner in the best interest of the congregation’s planned ministry. You should be an example and trainer to those who want to grow and mature in the Lord’s kingdom, interacting with all age groups and personalities. Your public speaking at our assemblies should be relevant and concise; and could include alternative methods of communicating, such as video, drama and power point. The minister will need the knowledge and proven skills to motivate and lead members to continue to serve others in our community. While contributing to that effort, he himself will need to allow others to do the works of faith that the Lord expects of us all and inspire members to become unified ministers themselves in His kingdom work. As the minister, you will not be expected to do all, but you must be willing to give all. You cannot be short on energy and imagination. You will find pleasure being a team player with the active members, teachers, ministry and church leaders of the congregation who are determined one day to hear our Lord say to us: “'Good work! You did your job well. From now on be my partner.' (Matt 25:21 The Message) Please email your resume and audio files to:

Application Instructions: Please email your resume and audio/video files to:

Street Address: 21860 Pontiac Trail
City: South Lyon
State: MI
Zip Code: 48178
Phone Number: 734-323-7987
Contact Name: Tom Duncan
Phone: 734-323-7987