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Church Name: Pace Church of Christ

Position: Youth & Family Minister
Type of Ministry: Youth and Famliy
Type of Job: Full-time

Job Description: Pace Church of Christ – Youth & Family Minister Pace Church of Christ is located in the Florida panhandle city of Pace, a community with a population of approximately 20,039 people according to the 2010 census. We have170 members, one full time pulpit minister. We are a new and growing congregation. Pace is a moderate body. We are conservative but not traditionalist or fundamentalist. We want to follow Jesus and obey the scriptures not traditions. We are looking to build a great youth program through empowering families. The primary goal of the Youth & Family Minister is to work under the oversight of the shepherds to develop and lead a ministry in which he works with the youth and their families. The goal is help families place God at the center of their lives, and for them to become and remain lifelong faithful Christians. Our web page Phone # 850-995-8244 Questions You Must Consistently Ask Yourself About Every Aspect of the Ministry and to Which Your Answers Must be “Yes”: Will it glorify God? Is it scriptural? Will it help our children and their families place God at the center of their lives? Will it help more people become Christians? Will it help more Christians remain faithful? Broad Guidelines: All aspects of the Youth & Family Ministry must support the primary goals of Pace Church of Christ. The Youth and Family ministry must be fully integrated into the church as a whole. The Youth & Family Minister, under the oversight of the shepherds, will lead this integrated Youth & Family Ministry. Though the Youth & Family Minister will have a great impact on the spiritual lives of the children, the ultimate responsibility for children lies with their parents. Parents and the whole church must work with the Youth & Family Minister to ensure our children place God at the center of their lives, become and remain lifelong faithful Christians. The position of Youth & Family Minister is critical and is not that of Youth Recreation Director, Babysitter, or “Junior Minister” to the pulpit minister. Nor is it a mere training position or stepping stone for pulpit ministry. Qualifications: The ideal candidate will have the following characteristics but we do not want to be closed to someone the Lord wants to send us: Scripturally sound. Excellent leadership and interpersonal skills. Graduate of a preaching school or Christian college with a major in youth and family ministry. About 23-35 years old. Married to a supportive wife. Able to lead singing. Pay and Benefits: Commensurate with experience and/or education.

Application Instructions: Please provide your philosophy of youth and family ministry, a mock ministry plan for the first year of your ministry, a resume and one sermon to our search committee at

Street Address: 4075 Berryhill Rd.
City: Pace
State: FL
Zip Code: 32571
Phone Number: 850-995-8244
Contact Name: Brent McFarland
Phone: 850-995-8244