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Church Name: church of Christ at Borger

Position: Young Families Minister
Type of Ministry: Other
Type of Job: Full-time

Job Description: Church of Christ at Borger Family Minister of Encouragement/Involvement Job Description The Family Minister of Encouragement/Involvement is a new position for Church of Christ at Borger. This new position includes responsibilities for working with the families of the congregation by ensuring all of our families are involved in the overall work and worship of the congregation. He will work in team with the other staff members and active elders to promote enthusiasm and involvement in works of service, worship and outreach for the Borger congregation. Following is a description of the responsibilities for the position. By FAMILY MINISTER OF ENCOURAGEMENT/INVOLVEMENT we mean working toward a situation in which each member of the Borger family is fruitfully involved in serving the Lord. An emphasis will include our 20-30’s group with young children. The minister will be: 1) Personable (easy to talk with and one that hears what is being said) 2) A capable leader (goal and vision oriented, has a record of good leadership, solid work ethic, balanced in ministry and life) 3) Evangelistic (cares about the lost, seeks opportunities to study with others and trains members to do the same) 4) An engaging speaker with appeal (scriptural, relevant, and realistic) to a wide variety of audiences 5) Organized 6) An effective (scriptural, relevant, and realistic) Bible teacher for Sunday and Wednesday classes 7) Part of supportive family involved in ministry and also reserves appropriate time to spend with wife and children for family health. 8) One that demonstrates consistent personal Bible study and prayer 9) Competent in using information technology and presentation tools 10) Able to relate well to members of all ages and ethnic backgrounds while being sensitive to cultural issues 11) An excellent communicator both orally and written 12) Passionate about Jesus and His church 13) Community minded 14) Adamant about personal prayer and Bible study to continue to grow as an individual. This position is considered to be salaried as some work will necessary be in the evenings and on weekends requiring work beyond office hours. Salary for this position is negotiable, depending upon experience, education and performance. Skills/Education Needed: We are seeking a candidate who has completed at least either an undergraduate degree at a brotherhood college or university or graduation from a brotherhood preaching school. Duties of the Family Minister of Encouragement/Involvement will include: 1) Serve, share insight and assist in the long-term development the young family’s ministry with other staff members. 2) Provide relative sermons up to 50% of the time. 3) Prepare and teach Young Family Bible Classes as requested. 4) Work with the elders/deacons/staff to set goals, determine priorities, and support/resource existing/new ministries to assist the church in accomplishing its mission. 5) Provide direction and supervision to the church’s evangelism / outreach effort. 6) Plan, promote and attend fellowships, retreats, seminars, and conferences, which will enhance the spiritual growth and development of the members 7) Assist members in identifying their spiritual gifts and helping them to further develop and use those gifts in service to Christ and His church. 8) Serve the congregation by leading in visitation of visitors/prospects, visiting our members in hospitals, members that are grieving, assist in counseling, performing weddings and funerals as requested. 9) Be involved in the community as a representative of the church and seek opportunities to evangelize. 10) Lead by example in creating an effective ministry among young families, building unity through planned service / fellowship activities. 11) Provide counsel to people in crisis demonstrating warmth, compassion, and confidentiality. 12) Write articles for church publications / web sites 13) Attend all congregational functions, as able 14) Participate in weekly elders/preachers meetings 15) Attend professional development/brotherhood events as required by the elders

Application Instructions: Submit a resume to address below

Street Address: 1100 Bulldog Blvd
City: Borger
State: TX
Zip Code: 79007
Phone Number: 808 274 6354
Contact Name: Mark DeRouen
Phone: 806 274 6354