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Church Name: Sesser Church of Christ

Position: Evangelist
Type of Ministry: Pulpit
Type of Job: Full-time

Job Description: SESSER CHURCH OF CHRIST, SESSER, ILLINOIS If you would like to take on an evangelistic challenge that will put your evangelistic skills to the test, then please consider the work at the Sesser Church of Christ, Sesser, Illinois. Sesser is a small town of 2200 in rural, southern Illinois. It is well established in its family and religious ties. The evangelistic work requires some special talents to overcome family and religious ties in order to present the simplicity of the Gospel of Christ. You will find great satisfaction in knowing that you are helping to build up a much in need congregation of the Lord’s people. The congregation will be eternally grateful to you. You will find Sesser as a wonderful and secure community in which to enjoy family life and to provide an education for children in a school district ranked as one of the best in the country. You will find the church here as the friendliest and most loving congregation in town. Though small in number, about 35, the church is big in heart. The church is longing for an evangelist who can set the church in order and anchor it to the word of God. You may go to to learn about our town and go to to learn about one of the most attractive lakes around.

Application Instructions: Contact or email Ray Christman,

Street Address: 110 W Stamper
City: Sesser
State: IL
Zip Code: 62884
Phone Number: 618-218-4149
Contact Name: Ray Christiman
Phone: 618-218-4149