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Church Name: Spencer County Church of Christ

Position: Part-time or Full-Time Minister
Type of Ministry: Pulpit
Type of Job: Part-time

Job Description: The Spencer Co. Church of Christ is currently searching for a part-time or full-time preacher. The congregation of 25-30 members is located 3 miles west of Rockport, IN. The congregation is led by three elders and one deacon who have worked with both full-time and part-time preachers in the past and are open to working with the individual needs of the person seeking the position. The congregation is currently able to supply a salary of $500 per week with no benefits.

Application Instructions: Send resume or make inquiries to Spencer County Church of Christ 882 North County Road 200 West Rockport, IN 47635.

Street Address: 882 North County Road 200 West
City: Rockport
State: IN
Zip Code: 47635
Phone Number: 812-403-0832
Contact Name: Larry Barchett
Phone: 812-403-0832