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Church Name: North Garland Church of Christ

Position: Youth & Family Minister
Type of Ministry: Youth and Famliy
Type of Job: Full-time

Job Description: North Garland Church of Christ Youth and Family Minister - Job Description General Summary This is a ministry position to serve the Lord with a passion and sincere love for God in the area of Youth & Family Ministry. This ministry is to promote growth in relationship with the Lord, relationships with one another and outreach to the lost. The purpose is to glorify God in word, worship and daily lives. Scope of Responsibility The Youth & Family Minister will work within the vision and mission of the North Garland church, under the direction of the Elders and through coordination with a ministry team (Y&F deacons, Y&F committee, volunteer adults, parents and teens). He will be accountable to the Elders and will be responsible for planning and coordinating activities, functions and events the congregation, families and youth are participating in (all ages). He is expected to be the leader and to provide the guidance necessary to get the most and best results from the program. He will coordinate ministry planning and facilitation with ministry leaders, deacons, parents and adult volunteers and keep the Elders advised. His life must be a model that demonstrates he is a faithful Christian, husband and/or father. He must set a proper example of Christian behavior at all times. General Expectations: • Coordinate planned family and/or youth ministry activities that reflect Biblical objectives, guidance by the Holy Spirit and that blend into the overall mission and vision of the North Garland church. • Develop teams of parents, adult volunteers and mentors to assist with this ministry within the established goals, objectives and plans. • Function as a valuable part of the ministry team and staff at North Garland. • Be available to the youth, parents and church members as needed. • Be responsible for the leadership and direction of the youth and family ministry at North Garland. • Establish and have written goals for this ministry program and have a detailed plan on how to accomplish and reach goals each year. • In January of each year complete a calendar that lists planned activities, functions, camps, retreats, etc. and submit it to the Elders. • Obtain a copy of and review the school, community & church calendars that involve our families, adults and youth. Use this information to help schedule attendance at various events - sports, academic, arts, outreach, community, etc. • Follow up with and contact youth and family members who are not in attendance weekly. • Be responsible for the leadership and direction of a youth & family intern such as: schedules, curriculum, programs, camps, activities, etc. • Have separate group activities and classes for high school and junior high. On occasion may combine the two groups. Page 2 North Garland Youth & Family Minister Job Description • Have activities which engage our youth and family in church activities (service projects, missions, worship, teaching, pantry, visiting, etc.,) with all groups/ages of the church family. • Plan and work toward engaging others to take on responsibilities for various aspects of the youth and family ministry (teaching, service projects, planning/organization, etc.,). As needed, periodic, short term, long term, etc., • Stay informed and up-to-date on the various materials, resources and strategies that can be utilized in implementing, maintaining and moving this ministry forward. • Be available to preach as needed or directed (pulpit minister gone, special times, etc.) • Complete various administrative functions including budgeting and management for the youth and family ministry. • Have educational goals for the year and periodically check progress toward those goals. • Attend all scheduled church services (youth minister and family). • Advise the Elders of any special problems, issues and/or conflicts with youth, family and/or parents. • Provide a weekly status report to the Elders concerning contacts, activities, issues, concerns and needs. Policies: • Adhere to all the provisions and guidelines of the North Garland Personnel Policy manual. • Accountable to the Elders • Maintain availability by phone and schedule regular office hours and days off. This information is to be communicated to the congregation. Qualifications: • Strong faith and commitment to the calling of serving the Lord as a youth and family minister. • Continual growth in knowledge of God's world for both professional and personal development. • Excellent interpersonal skills as well as a demonstrated ability to lead Bible study, organize activities, communicate ideas and use time effectively. • Bachelor's degree as a youth minister or youth & family minister, youth and family major or Bible major. • May consider strong applicants who have youth and family ministry experience but hold a different degree.

Application Instructions: Please send resume to

Street Address: 703 N. Garland
City: Enid
State: OK
Zip Code: 73703
Phone Number: 580-237-4658
Contact Name: Alan Lindsey
Phone: 580-478-5676