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Church Name: Skiatook church of Christ

Position: Youth & Worship Minister
Type of Ministry: Youth
Type of Job: Full-time

Job Description: The Skiatook Church of Christ is seeking to employee a man who will facilitate the development of our youth as well as bring enthusiasm and participation to the worship service for all ages. Toward those goals the minister will: 1) Develop a personal relationship with the youth. This would include taking them to various meetings and activities, having lunch with them on occasion, attending their special events, and generally being involved in their lives. 2) Plan and facilitate activities for our youth that include the other adults of the family, such as devotions in their homes, projects to help those in need, and learning activities where the special skills of the family are demonstrated or taught to the youth. We are committed to being involved with our youth and pledge that the answer will be YES when we are asked to help. 3) Participate in the coordination of the education program for our youth. This would include recruiting and scheduling teachers and assistants, opening class time worship leaders, people to help buy supplies and to do prep work. 4) Children's Worship: Plan and coordinate worship for the children during regular worship times. This would include recruiting classes, adults, and/or youth to carry out the children's worship hour. 5) Family Worship: Plan and coordinate worship for the adults. Find ways to infuse enthusiasm and dynamics in the worship service such that people want to participate and do so with emotion.

Application Instructions: Email: or Mail: Skiatook church of Christ c/o Alex De La Rosa 1900 W. Rogers Blvd Skiatook, OK 74070

Street Address: 1900 W. Rogers Blvd
City: Skiatook
State: OK
Zip Code: 74070
Phone Number: 918-396-2647
Contact Name: Alex De La Rosa
Phone: 918-914-9974