OC showcases campuswide achievements with Celebration of Excellence Inaugural event will be April 8

Apr 05, 2019

OC will host the first Celebration of Excellence day on April 8. The goal of the Celebration of Excellence is to highlight the great work students are doing campuswide. There will be no regular class meetings to give students the opportunity to attend the sessions. Sessions vary but include all colleges and could consist of the presentation of research projects, art displays, student panels, alumni speakers and much more. Students have the ability to see into every college and the work those students are doing there. The entire campus will come together for chapel on that day to be together and hear from the keynote speaker, world-renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Charles Branch.

Co-Chair of the event Stephanie Baird has been working to make Celebration of Excellence an interdisciplinary success.

“This day is a showcase of student excellence from all departments,” said Baird. “It makes our internal community and external communities aware of the level of scholarship and prestige we have here at OC.”

For students, this can be an opportunity to showcase their abilities outside of the classroom. This helps students gain communication skills, express expertise in their study, and it can be a great resume-builder. Often, students are unaware of the things other students are doing in other colleges on campus. OC’s Celebration of Excellence provides students with the ability to come together and support achievements from all disciplines.