Keep Up: A Tidal Wave of Technology Get empowered to pursue your passion, faith, and career

By David North | Feb 21, 2017

The tech world evolved so much in 2016, and there are no signs of that progress slowing. I recently reviewed the “2016 in Tech” by MIT. It featured articles about the past year’s hot technologies, including robotics, AI, genetic engineering, deep learning, and articles about the companies and people developing these technologies.

It was exciting to learn about what was going on across the tech world, but it also I felt like I was looking at an approaching tidal wave – too much to know about, too much to learn, too much to keep up with.

No matter what field of study you’re in, I’m sure you’ve felt the same. Every high-tech field is growing exponentially. New tech shows up almost every day in news. Trying to keep up with the Internet makes me feel like I’m drowning more than I’m treading water. As a computing professional and a computer science professor, I’d rather swim, but when you see a tidal wave, it’s easy to give up.

It takes a lot of effort to keep up. To expend the effort, we need some really good rationale. Here are a few ideas about what keeping up with tech advancements will do for you.

Learning keeps your mind active

Keeping up with tech will stretch your mind. Understanding new ideas and developing new skills will make your mind work. I find that when I do the same thing over and over, I get lazy and fall into a rut. When I push to learn new things, I find my mind works better with nearly everything.

Learning keeps you relevant

If you don’t learn new technology, the world passes you by.

If you don’t learn new technology, the world passes you by. Knowing about new advancements will help you be a better contributor in conversations and in project work.

I’ve been a better team member when I bring new things to bring to the table. Most of us will be working for many more years, so it will also help us keep our value in the marketplace.

Learning connects you with other people

The path to keeping up is strewn with people who create, write, teach, and share. Great relationships are formed when you learn with and through others. Connections with these new people will be valuable in your life and career.

Learning is fun

Learning and doing new things is fun. The joy I receive when I understand new ideas makes the study and effort to learn worth it.

If you like to use new tools, get connected, and stay relevant, you’ll benefit from an active pursuit of studying new technology and survive wave after wave of innovation.

In the “Keep Up” series of posts, I’ll share ideas about how to keep up with tech. At Oklahoma Christian University, we want both undergraduates and graduate students to become lifelong learners and be empowered to pursue passion, faith, and a career.

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David North is an associate professor of Computer Science and the director of Computer Science Advancement at the Oklahoma Christian University Graduate School of School of Engineering and Computer Science.