Author Susan McCarthy speaks to OC students about stewardship McCarthy also had lunch with female finance majors as part of OC’s new Lean In Circle

Nov 21, 2018

The OC College of Business Administration welcomed Susan McCarthy, one of Barron’s “Top 100 Women Financial Advisors,” on campus to speak to business students. Recently retired after 25 years as a financial advisor, McCarthy is the author of several popular books that discuss how money is connected to one's emotional life, including "More than Wealth" and her newest book, "The Value of Money." She spoke to students about stewardship and the types of personal relationships people have with money.

Professor of Business Jody Jones believes the spiritual lessons McCarthy teaches are important for students to learn.

“Finding a job isn’t a problem for our students,” said Jones. “It’s helping them make a connection between stewardship and their career.”

A few OC female finance majors received the opportunity to sit down with McCarthy over lunch to ask questions, get encouragement and discuss life as a woman in a male-dominated field. This is exciting for female business majors because OC has recently developed their own Lean In Circle. Lean In is a global effort dedicated to helping women achieve their goals, meaning there are more opportunities for OC’s female business majors to learn from successful women in the field.

Professor of Business Kimberly Merritt is the sponsor for OC’s Lean In group.

“With the establishment of the Lean In Circle at OC, we hope to foster an atmosphere of inspiration and support dedicated to helping women business students achieve their goals,” said Merritt.