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Calendar of Events

Glow Run

October 18

Fall Break

October 20,21

Eagle For a Day

Oct. 24, Nov. 4

Museum of the Bible Lectures

Oct. 27, Nov. 3,17

Homecoming Events 2016

November 3,4,5

Election Day

November 8


Homecoming Alumni Banquet/Parade

Greetings Fellow Eagles! Fall is.........falling (?) on the campus, and (said with a bit of guilt), the weather on campus has been BEAUTIFUL lately. However, I know that there are some of you who may be reading this that are experiencing the opposite. With earthquakes on the west coast and hurricanes on the east, we have been extremely blessed to have had the weather we have had. For those of you affected otherwise, our thoughts and prayers are with you.


Our second spring Vienna trip is now open for registration and all information is available online for your access. Literally, as I'm typing this, a reservation is being made in our office. We found last year that our best number for this trip is about 30 guests, so I hope you will not wait long to get your reservation in and book your room. The package price choices you will see in the online information covers your housing, five outings, including a day trip to Salzburg, 'in-city' transportation passes, and two meals we will all share together. All will travel from their own location, but as we recommended last year, coordinating your flights through Katie Hartman at Katie@kalikosmos.com will help get most groups there around the same time.
Click here and check it out. It's an awesome trip at an awesome price!  Join us!


Homecoming Barn Bash

This is the last reminder of this year's "Get Your Kicks in Year 66" Homecoming on Nov. 4,5.  Tickets are currently on sale for "The Music Man" and the Homecoming Banquet.  You can get to ticket purchase for either event at oc.edu/homecoming.  Remember, alumni get 50% off of tickets for the musical (Discount is for actual alums only, please).

The banquet starts at 5:30 on Friday night, Nov. 4, and the musical begins at the new time of 7:30.  The banquet will conclude in time to attend the musical. OC has a great tradition of excellently produced musicals. Bring the whole family to this old favorite. The kids should love it.
Also, don't forget the Friday activities for our 50-year Class of '66 and the 70's Decade Barn Bash on Saturday night.  Also on Saturday night, is the 20 Year Reunion of the Honors program established by Dr. Bailey McBride, now under the direction of Dr. Jim Baird.  See the entire Homecoming schedule at oc.edu/homecoming.


My my, how times have changed! The first national branded concept & the number 1 quick service restaurant in America has now opened on campus. The previous 'snack bar' (Eagles Perch) is now a Chick-Fil-A franchise and quite a hit. Students can use their Eagle Bucks at the vendor, but it is not a part of their official meal plan. Kurt Hermanson of our UDining food service owns the franchise.  You can visit their Facebook page.



Friday night, Oct. 7, brought recording artist Ben Rector back to the campus for a concert outside in the Thelma Gaylord Forum. Almost 1,800 tickets were sold for the 'standing' concert in the outdoor venue. In the last few years, OC students have been exposed to a large number of authors, business moguls, entertainers, athletes, entrepreneurs, etc. OC continues to try to broaden the college experience for our students with visitors from various backgrounds.


Our North Texas Alumni Chapter, along with Alan Phillips, V.P. for Texas Operations, organized a trip to campus for Texas high school students wanting to take a look at OC for their college. About 65 students, and many parents of those students, arrived on the campus on Sunday evening, Nov. 9, for an 'Eagle For a Day' program just for them. We applaud the ongoing work of the N Texas Alumni Chapter in many ways. This effort will undoubtedly assist our recruiting efforts in the state of Texas. Currently, about 1/4 of OC's students hail from that state.


This national organization which collects rare religious books and Bibles has joined with OC to present a series of lectures on the "Effects of the Bible on U.S. Presidents in History".  The first two of these lectures were sold out in Cail Auditorium of the Davisson American Heritage Building and the remaining four lectures are currently sold out. The MOTB is an affiliate of the Hobby Lobby/Mardel chain.


This year's week of winter and holiday activities on the campus is Nov. 28 - Dec. 3. The week will feature "Lighting of the Commons" (Nov. 29), "Cocoa and Carols" (Dec. 1), and "Holiday Hustle" (Dec. 3).  
That entire week this year will have the addition of a new activity - "Homeward Pride".  Formerly spread over the last few weeks of the spring semester, this club competition for alumni giving will be concentrated into this single week. Aimee Furrie ('12), Annual Giving Coordinator for OC, explains.

This competition will kick off on November 27, and we're excited for this great time to connect our current club members with their alumni. Our students will have one week to raise gifts for their passion projects and compete for the Homeward Pride trophy. So, ladies and gentlemen, get ready to prove to the entire world which OC service club can do what it takes!

For times and details on these various events, go to www.oc.edu/homeward.

and, finally.....


The October Good News newsletter tells a great story about conversions in Nigeria which led to establishing a new congregation, about the conversion in prison that reached others, about church growth in South America, and about a church that provides food for the needy through weekend “snack packs.” A final item shares information about resources from several sources to help in Bible study and preparation to teach and preach tells of a book about suicide prevention.  
Please send story suggestions to stafford.north@oc.edu and please share Good News with your own email list of contacts and with your church email list.  Go to www.oc.edu/goodnews.

So, until 'pre-Thanksgiving' break, fly high, Eagles!

In Him,
Bob Lashley ('74)