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Calendar of Events

Thanksgiving Break

November 23,24,25

Lighting of the Commons

November 29

Cocoa & Carols

December 1

Museum of the Bible Lecture

December 1

Holiday Hustle

December 3


December 16


Homecoming Parade 2016- Distinguished Alumni Honoree

Greetings, all you 'pre-holiday' Eagles! Nothing says 'almost the holidays' on campus in Oklahoma like 85 degree temps. I definitely prefer hot to frigid, but my allergies could REALLY use a break. But ... it was certainly nice weather for a great Homecoming! Shouldn't complain (but I'm tired of mowing).

Speaking of Homecoming.....

Homecoming Parade- Iota Kappa Phi
As mentioned above, what great weather we had for an outstanding homecoming weekend. Twenty-two outstanding alums honored on Friday afternoon by the colleges, four more outstanding alumni honorees that evening at the banquet, with almost 400 in attendance. The musical was excellent, as usual, and reunions were some of the best-attended yet. With two victories on the basketball courts and a great 70's Barn Bash, the weekend could not have been much better. If you came, I hope you had a GREAT time!  If you couldn't, I hope you won't miss next year's event. That date is NOVEMBER 3-4.

Homecoming Musical "Music Man"
We have posted a host of pictures from the weekend for you to browse through, including a video presentation celebrating the first 50 years of Hardeman Auditorium. Check it out by clicking here, and enjoy!

If you want to see more Homecoming pictures, click on Homecoming-2016.

Ray Vaughn's Book

"More Than a Coach: The Story of Ray Vaughn Sr." - A special feature at this year's homecoming activities was a book signing by Ray Vaughn, Jr. ('70) of this book commissioned by the Oklahoma Historical Society. Coach Ray Vaughn, Sr. represents a significant part of establishing Oklahoma Christian 'College' in the Oklahoma City area. Jeff Bennett ('70) and Randy Heath ('69) were also available at the table to discuss and reminisce about stories of this great man. Over 50 books were sold on that day, with a portion of proceeds going to the university.
If you would like to order a copy of the book, you can order it online. Just Click here.


Vienna Alumni Adventure 2.0

With the initial success of last spring's first 'Alumni Vienna Adventure', this year's trip seems to be moving ahead of last year's schedule with almost half of our rooms now booked for the trip. It's not too late, but if you're considering the trip, I hope you'll take the plunge and decide to join in on the history and the fun!  Maybe this would be the perfect Christmas gift for you to give each other. The price again is an excellent bargain and the fellowship even better!  Ken ('69) and Lindy (Scobey '69) Adams, and Judi (Williams '76) and I will again be hosting. With planned outings each day and a generous amount of time on your own, the schedule should accommodate most any age.

To get the details on this year's trip, go to:  Vienna Alumni Adventure.

Tour England, Wales and Scotland on "A Literary & Hymn Pilgrimage"

Maybe you're very familiar with Vienna and are looking for a new adventure. Why not tour these three countries with President John & Darla deSteiguer and Dr. Jerry Rushford ('65) and learn the stories behind many of the great literary pieces and hymns that we have loved in the church over the years. Dr. Jerry Rushford is the perfect guide for this amazing and informative trip. The trip will take place May 15-27, 2017 and registration is now open. For details, go to: Hymn Pilgrimage.

Helping OC While You Help Yourself

With the most wonderful time of the year quickly approaching, our partnership with HotelStorm gives our alumni access to the best discounts for upcoming winter travel! If you're planning on escaping the cold for a tropical holiday vacation, or simply booking accommodations to ring in the New Year in a new city, don't forget you'll always get exclusive savings on hotels - better rates than any other travel sites! Use password 'EAGLES' to unlock up to 55% off hotels all over the world.  According to our quarterly reports from the company, our alums have saved over $9,000 in hotel discounts at all levels of hotels, in all parts of the world.

Additional Savings/OC Benefits - We would also like to introduce you to another source of 'painless' help to OC while you do your routine shopping.  Many of us frequent Amazon.com for year-round shopping. With holiday shopping now underway, let me encourage you 'Amazonians' to help OC with essentially NO additional effort or cost to you. 'Amazon Smile'  is a program within Amazon.com where shoppers can give a small % of their normal purchases to the organization of their choice. You simply go to smile.amazon.com, and type in 'Oklahoma Christian University' where it asks who you would like to support, and we will receive a small portion of your purchase total from the company. How much easier could it be? So........if you shop online anyway, just by clicking on a tab and typing the school's name could send a few bucks our way.........and, trust me, nothing is too little. Why not check it out and help your alma mater.

OC End-of-Semester Calendar

Thanksgiving Break  -  November 23-25  (Offices closed)
Winter Wonderland Begins - November 28
Lighting of the Commons - November 29, 6:00 PM
Cocoa and Carols - December 1, 7:00 PM
Museum of the Bible - December 1, 7:00 PM
Holiday Hustle - December 3, 7:00 AM
Graduation  -  December 16, 10:30 AM, 2:30 PM
Christmas Break  -  December 22-January 2  (Offices closed)
Classes Resume  -  January 8, 2017

OC Bookstore

Featured OC Bookstore item this month is a knit OC blanket. Remember, the OC Bookstore offers free shipping with purchases of $100 or more with promo code "alumfs".  Click here to look at the blanket.
Also, if alums want to use their discount card, they can input the promo code "alumni-card" to get 10% off their clothing and merchandise order.  Only one code can be used per purchase. To request a new discount card, email alumni@oc.edu.  

Winter Wonderland Week

This year's winter and holiday activities take place Nov. 28 - Dec. 3The week will feature "Lighting of the Commons"(Nov. 29 ), "Cocoa and Carols" (Dec. 1 ), and "Holiday Hustle"(Dec. 3 ).  
This year we'll feature a new activity - "Homeward Pride".  Formerly spread over the last few weeks of the spring semester, this club competition for alumni giving will be concentrated into this single week. Aimee Furrie ('12)Annual Giving Coordinator for OC, explains.
"This competition will kick off on November 27, and we're excited for this great time to connect our current club members with their alumni. Our students will have one week to raise gifts for their passion projects and compete for the Homeward Pride trophy.  So, ladies and gentlemen, get ready to prove to the entire world- which OC service club can do what it takes!"

For times and details on the Homeward Pride event, go to www.oc.edu/homeward .
And finally.....

Stafford North's 'Good News' Newsletter

In Good News each month we love to tell great stories about the spread of the gospel around the world and this month we have four articles describing very different ways of doing great good in many different nations. The Gospel Chariot story tells of mobile trailers going to many places in Africa to have mission meetings. Another story tells how disaster relief can offer an opportunity for a local church. BibleTalktv is a great resource which many are using to find information and class lessons to use on a wide variety of topics. The final story tells of a highly successful friend day in a small Texas church.
We hope you will read the stories and share them with others on your personal email list or your church email list. If you have a story idea, please contact stafford.north@oc.edu.  As usual, we will not do a Good News newsletter in December but will have one in January of 2017. To reach Good News go to www.oc.edu/goodnews.

Have a safe and fulfilling Thanksgiving, Eagles!

In Him,
Bob Lashley ('74)