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Calendar of Events

Senior Sendoff Thunder game

March 22, 24

12th Annual OC North Texas Dinner and Auction

April 2

McGaw Lecture with Miroslav Volf

April 12

OKC Memorial Run with TeamOC

April 24


April 29-10:30 am and 2:30 pm


Spring Sing 2016- Chi Lambda Phi, 1st Place

Greetings, Fellow Eagles! I hope for those who enjoyed spring break last week, you're totally refreshed and ready to roll again for the school year home stretch. That said.......for those not in education (or OC 'staffers'), summer's just a warmer string of work months, so the 'beat goes on'. Either way, it's good work and a blessing to have it! So, let's carry on.

Spring Sing

Another of OC's oldest traditional productions is in the book. Playing to almost 4 capacity crowds in Hardeman Auditorium, "Land That We  Love"  Spring Sing show was again a huge hit. While most of you who still follow the clubs closely, likely already know the results, here are the top four overall placed clubs:

1. Chi Lambda Phi
2. Iota Kappa Phi
3. Kappa Sigma Tau
4. Psi Epsilon

As for the remaining 7 clubs.......weeping and gnashing of teeth. All club shows were very well done.

Eagle Men's Basketball Coaching Position Filled

With the stepping down of Dan Hays as men's basketball coach at the conclusion of this year's season, the search has been on for his replacement. As you may now have heard, alumnus Cory Cole ('94) has now been named as the new coach of the Eagles.

Cory was an outstanding player for the Eagles from '90-'94 and has been coaching in Phoenix, AZ at the NCAA Division II level since his move from Oklahoma. Cory and his wife, Cristi, have two daughters, Cryslyn and Caylor, and son, Caison.

We look forward to Cory and his family coming 'home' in the next several weeks.

McGaw Lecture Series - Dr. Miroslav Volf

Dr. Volf is an internationally known theologian, founding Director of the Yale Center for Faith and Culture, and currently serves as Yale's Henry B. Wright Professor of Systematic Theology.

Dr. Volf will be speaking on the subject of "Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God? " in Hardeman Auditorium on the OC campus, April 12 at 7:30 p.m.

The lecture is free but reservation for tickets is required. For more information and to reserve tickets, go to: oc.edu/news  and oc.edu/events/mcgaw-lecture .

Honors Summer Academy

OC Gets Academic in July- From July 10-15, OC will welcome about 100 gifted and talented high school students to Honors Summer Academy.  Honors Summer Academy is a week-long academic immersion, where high school students just finishing their freshman, sophomore or junior years get a real taste of university life.  They take classes with some of OC’s best professors, attend daily chapel, live in the dorms, eat at the Caf, and get to know current OC Honors students, who serve as RA’s.  Students earn two hours of transferable college credit in classes like Introduction to Cell Biology, where they learn basic lab techniques and then culture human HeLa cells; and History of the Bible, which includes a trip to the Green Collection Museum of the Bible, where students get a tour behind the scenes to see the actual work of archivists and scholars working with the massive collection of artifacts related to the Bible.

Visit oc.edu/summeracademy  to view courses, student testimonials, and to submit your application. If you have any questions, please email Honors Summer Academy  or contact our office (405.425.5300).

Homeward Pride Club Competition Underway

With Spring Sing now behind us, OC's Homeward Pride club competition will now take center stage before the end of school. Each participating club has an opportunity not only to earn cash for their club, but also contribute the money raised to their selected campus projects. If you've received a call already and made a contribution, we thank you. For those who may yet be called by your club members, we hope you'll consider helping at any level. Remember that the Homeward  program is about participation, not amount. This program in just three years has moved OC from the middle of the national average of alumni giving to ALL universities to near the top of the scale for alumni giving in the entire nation. Our Eagle Pride is showing!

I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce someone who has recently joined our OC staff and has assumed the leadership of this program, as well as several other duties in advancement and alumni work. Aimee Furrie ('12)  comes back to campus from the Pacific Northwest to join the work here. Aimee is an exceptional organizer and will help us in many ways. We welcome her to the OC team!

National Alumni Council

Our National Alumni Council had our spring meeting on Spring Sing weekend where members were updated on many of the works and changes happening on the OC campus. Our office is always willing to answer your questions. There may be times, however, that you would like to have the opinion or answer of one who is not an employee.  These alumni would be excellent folks to contact for those questions.  I encourage you to contact any of our current members with such questions. You can find the current NAC roster at: oc.edu/alumni/nac

Stafford North's Good News Newsletter

While the refugee crisis in Europe certainly has created problems of many kinds, March Good News tells of the great opportunity it has also created for churches in that area.  The new road in Ghana has brought good news because Christians have been able to provide water wells along the route.  And there is a seventy year celebration at Ibaraki Christian University, and a change at NewLife Behavior that brings a time to remember their good work.  Thus, this month's Good News brings stories from four continents.  Send Good News stories to: stafford.north@oc.edu .   To reach March Good News, go to to oc.edu/goodnews .

Dr. Kent Brantly, who recovered from the Ebola virus which he caught while serving in Africa, will open the Oklahoma Christian University Lectureship on Sunday night, October 2, 2016.  Other keynote speakers will include Jerry Rushford ('65) and Chris McCurley.  A full program of the speakers and topics is now available at oc.edu/church-relations .  Click on Lectureship and then on 2016 Schedule.

That's all for now, so enjoy your spring and we'll type at you next month as we graduate another flock of Eagles!

In Him,
Bob Lashley ('74)