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Summer 2016 Vision

Well, it's almost two months after spring graduation and our 'quiet time' of summer on campus is about to be over. By the time this newsletter is out, our first major 'church camp' - Genesis - will be finished and Zenith campers will be well into their week at OC. to be over. Two other camps will follow, along with basketball camps and a few others scattered throughout the summer. It's good to have people on campus! Now on to the news...

Online Vision Magazine

By the time this newsletter gets to you, you may already have received a postcard from us informing you that an online version of our Vision alumni magazine is now ready to view. For those new alumni receiving this newsletter, Vision comes out 2-3 times per year in either printed or online form and is a more complete collection of information than Eagle Excerpts. To find out what your classmates are doing, who's had babies, who's changed jobs, profiles on alums, academic and sports information on OC, and much more, go to connect.oc.edu.

Use HotelStorm For Your Summer Travel -

 As with Vision magazine, you may have just received an email reminder about our partnership with 'HotelStorm', an organization listing hundreds of significant hotel discounts at most major chains throughout the world. While any of us using this service save money personally, our alumni office receives a small percentage back on each booking from the company. It's about as close to an 'everybody wins' scenario that one can get. I hope it serves you well. The email piece will show you how to access it.

Feedback: To make sure the program is working the way it should for us, I would love to hear some feedback from those of you who have already used the service. If there are things that need to be addressed with the company, we will do that. If it's 'all good', I'd love to hear that, as well. To let us know or submit a quote for us to use, send it to our main alumni email address at alumni@oc.edu.

Campus Summer Youth Camps -

 As mentioned in the introduction, our summer visiting camps are just beginning for this year. These camps, conducted by off-campus groups are quite popular and very well attended. Of the three camps, only one still has openings. To check on registration for that camp (Cornerstone), go to campoc.org.

Monthly Homcoming Reminder -

 Dates: November. 4,5. OC's 65th Homecoming, "Get Your Kicks in Year 66", will feature the class of 1966 (50 year), 70's decade Barn Bash, AND a special salute piece in our Saturday morning chapel to, not only our 50 year class, but also our beloved Hardeman Auditorium in its 50th year of service. Now......just in case you think I missed the '65th HC vs. 'year 66' reference.......give it some thought. Who would have 'come home' in the 1950 (first year) homecoming. Tricky, I know, but...

So anyway, mark the date and join in. The students are already planning their activities as well. Don't miss out! NOV. 4,5

Another OC Icon Milestone -

 Our own Dr. Lynn McMillon ('63), recently received his 50-year service pin in our annual campus employee session. Lynn has been one of our campus treasures for a half century and has contributed to our success in uncountable ways. He continues to teach and serve our students and it is our great blessing to have him here. Congratulations, Dr. McMillon!

Second Annual 'First Class" Vienna Trip -

 In mid-July, 30 or so incoming freshmen will have the opportunity to spend a week with President and First Lady, John and Darla deSteiguer, and Jeff ('87) and Sydney (Lashley '89) McMillon at OC's Das Millicanhaus for the second year's version of 'First Class'. The additional fee pays for airfare, housing and credit hours to complete some European studies while 'on site'. Having recently returned from our first visit to the 'haus' in Vienna, this is an outstanding way to begin one's college career. Last year's launch was a tremendous success.

To get information on this program for your future freshman, contact OC's President's Office at 405-425-5100, or the Admissions Office at 405-425-5050.

And finally...

Stafford North's Good News Newsletter -

 Good News for June tells the story of a severely handicapped person who preached a sermon, about a strategy to plant successful congregations in Mexico, of good achievements through the World English Institute, and of plans for an evangelistic outreach in Pennsylvania.  Great stories all.  You will be inspired and encouraged when you read them.  To reach the June Good News go to www.oc.edu/goodnews.

Send story ideas to stafford.north@oc.edu.  Please forward Good News to your personal or church email list.  The more who read the good news the better.  For information on the OC Lectureship on October 2-4, go to www.oc.edu/lectureship.

So, safe travels on vacations, use your sunscreen, and have your pets spay.................OK, enough. Talk to you in July.

That's all for now!

In Him, Bob Lashley ('74)

In Him,
Bob Lashley ('74)