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McGaw Lecture: Ravi Zacharias 
March 30
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April 24 @ 10:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

Team OC – Memorial Marathon
April 26
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This summer, President John deSteiguer popped up in your mailbox frequently. Three times, in particular, he showed up with meaningful stats on our alma mater and a simple invitation: “We’re heading Homeward on August 27. Be ready to join in.” (Miss one? Click here.) 

It was cryptic. It was intriguing. What was “Homeward” … and why join in?

Well, August 27 has come and gone. We enjoyed a memorable celebration of our OC home, as we inaugurated John as our seventh president. In your mailboxes (and inboxes), we lifted the veil on Homeward – our drive for record alumni participation in 2012-2013.

“But hold on a second,” you said. “This is a fundraising deal.”

You’d be right, but that’s only a small part of the story. Homeward is about giving back, but it’s not about money. It’s about people. Because prayer-lifting, campus-visiting, opinion-having people drive everything that happens at our alma mater. And we need alumni involved now more than ever.

Okay, but “what exactly is alumni participation?”

Here’s the short answer. Around the world, many eyes are on OC: U.S. News, the NCAA, local and global companies, governments, non-profits, families, students, and partners. They’ve got their peepers peeled for enthusiastic, engaged alumni – for difference-makers of all sizes – and they gauge alumni involvement with a simple formula:

All Graduate Donors / All Graduates = Alumni Participation Rate

Participation rates are dropping nationwide – from trade schools to the Ivy League – and they’re dropping here too. (15.4% of our alumni gave back in 2002; 9.4% gave back in 2012). But take heart, alumni worldwide are catching the spark … and a Homeward journey is beginning. Together, we’re setting a record of 1,300 alumni givers by May 2013.

You can head Homeward by giving back to efforts within President deSteiguer’s three vision points of Home, Grows, and Mission – or by giving back wherever it matters most to you. One dollar or one thousand dollars, you count. And we need you to make a difference.

Click to visit the Homeward website and join in.

And once you’ve made your difference, tell the other Eagles in your life. Homeward is about doing the unprecedented together, after all, and it’s an all-Eagles-on-deck situation!

We’ll be tracking our progress all year long via our expertly designed Alumnometer (patent pending). We’ll update you each month in Eagle Excerpts, and you can give and follow the action yourself at our Homeward website.

Get excited. Feel the Eagle Pride well up inside you. Because this goal is big and we’re going to shatter it.

See you next month.

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