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Calendar of Events

Athletic Hall of Fame Dinner

February 23

Spring Sing

March 4,5

Spring Break

March 13-19

Senior Sendoff Thunder game

March 22, 24

Spring Play in Judd

April 7,8,9

McGaw Lecture with Miroslav Volf

April 12


Spring Sing 2015- Kappa Sigma Tau, 1st Place

Happy Valentine and Leap Year month, fellow Eagles! I have to say, 60+ degree temperatures in February are a bit strange, but we're doing our best to adjust (and doing pretty well with it). Wouldn't be a bad thing if it stayed around for Spring Sing weekend, but whatever the case, we will trudge on.

Spring Sing Coming Up!

One of OC's oldest traditions is just around the corner on March 4,5 as the 2016 version of Spring Sing, "Land That We Love", will hit the stage. Having worked with the show for 12 years in the past, I can say that while the show continues to tax students' stamina in the classrooms, the memories it generates for 'to be' alums is powerful. If you're planning to attend but have not yet bought your tickets, I would advise doing so very soon, as all three weekend shows will possibly sell out. You can order your tickets online at: Spring Sing Tickets  or call 405-425-5545 (limited hours, M-F).

Coach Dan Hays Steps Down

After 33 years at the helm of the OC men's basketball program, Coach Dan Hays has decided to step down as head coach at the end of this season. Dan ranks #1 for the most wins recorded by a men's basketball coach at a four-year Oklahoma college or university.  While the season is still in progress, Coach Hays's overall record as a collegiate head coach is over 760 wins vs. just over 460 losses.  One of the hallmarks of Dan's tenure has been the quality players he has recruited - in ability, character and academics. We'll miss Dan's leadership of this program as well as his involvement across campus.

For a more complete story, as well as a number of quotes about Dan, go to OC Eagle News.

The Lady Eagles/Eagles play their last game on Saturday, February 27th at 1:00 and 3:00 pm in the nest.  Please join us as we honor Coach Hays with a short presentation and time for fellowship, after the games.  For more information, click here.

OC Eagle John Moon Scores 50!

In a recent Heartland Conference game against Panhandle State, junior center John Moon (junior) scored a perfect 20 for 20 from the field and finished the contest with 50 points!  The 7-foot junior broke three school records and three conference records and tied two Division II records.
To read the full story on records broken, go to OC Eagle News.

Campus Going to the Dogs??

A new program is coming to the OC campus. Over the past few years we've brought in therapy dogs to help reduce stress and anxiety of students during finals week. This program has met with great success with our students!  In fact, it has been so successful that we would like to bring the dogs in much more often. 
To accomplish this increase in service, the program will be built on volunteer participation from faculty and staff here at the university. The program will be calledTOTO, and it will organize training for employee pets to become certified therapy animals. By having an increased pool of animals from which to draw, we will be able to provide this service to the students much more often.

New Benefit for OC Alums!

By the time you receive this newsletter, you may have already seen a special email from us announcing a new agreement with a company by the name of HotelStorm. This program, active now, offers OC alums discounts of up to 55% on hotels around the world. Most all of the major hotel chains are included. No individual registration for the program is needed. You're already a member. When using the program, you'll simply use the passwordEAGLES for your access.  I personally tested the program this week by booking a hotel in Texas for a work trip and got a rate of $32 less than the quoted rate by the hotel.

Remember......Spring Sing weekend is coming up. Not a bad time to check it out.  You can access the program by clicking here.

Recent Campus Guests

Music group Judah and the Lion performed in Hardeman Auditorium as a fund-raiser hosted by our student President's Leadership Council.
On Monday, Feb. 1, John Roberto, student of the formation of the Christian faith, presented his thoughts at the Oklahoma Christian University for theIntergenerational Faith Center Dialogues.
On Monday, Feb. 8, our History Speaks program, under the direction of Gary Jones ('06) hosted John Carlos and Tommie Smith of the 1968 Summer Olympics. These two U.S. athletes became instantly famous when they raised their fists and lowered their heads during the national anthem as they stood on the gold and bronze medal stand in front of the world. Their gesture was to silently speak out against injustice, but it became a polarizing iconic image for many years. A near-capacity crowd in Hardeman Auditorium listened as these two gentlemen gave their sides of the story behind the iconic picture. To read the story about their visit to OC, go to OC Eagle News. To hear their intent behind the gesture, see an article by a local writer for the Oklahoman at newsok.com.

Vienna Alumni Adventure

It's a GO! Our first group of alumni destined for OC's Das Millicanhaus in Vienna is confirmed and beginning to finalize their arrangements for the week of April 30-May 7. While there are a couple of rooms still available, we are past our initial deadline for inclusion for this year's trip. However, if you would still like to join the trip, you can contact us by our final deadline of Feb. 29. 

To join the group, please read the information on our website at 
 Vienna Alumni Adventure, and contact Kim Reiter ('91) at 405-425-5110.

Homeward Pride

Following two phenomenal years--in which 1,700 club grads invested more than $58,000 in student-selected projects--the Homeward Pride Club Competition began yesterday. The clubs have selected their projects, they've set their goals for accomplishing meaningful kingdom work, and they have their eyes focused on the 2016 Homeward Pride trophy, bragging rights, and a $500 cash prize. Now through April 15, every club grad giver counts. Any amount to any project qualifies. Join in right now at www.oc.edu/homeward and help your club claim the mantle as proudest in town!

Stafford North's Good News Newsletter

 The February issue of Good News tells of a congregation in Arkansas that sent computers to a church in Guatemala and went there to train them in their use.  This issue also tells of baptisms through studies with the World English Bible Institute which have happened in Hungary, India, and Albania.  Then there is a story about Mary Nelson’s Bible studies, available through a website, which had over a million page views during 2015.  Finally there is a story about Bible studies made available through Truth for Today online.  All good news items.

 The Oklahoma Christian University Lectureship will be on October 2-4 and its theme will be “To God’s Elect” taken from 1 Peter 1:1.  Most of the lessons will come from passages in 1 Peter and will take what he said to churches then and apply the lessons to our circumstances today. There will  be tracks for elders, youth ministers, and preachers as well as textual studies which will bless everyone.  Hope you will make plans now to attend.

 Send story ideas to stafford.north@oc.edu.  We would appreciate your giving us story leads for upcoming issues.  To reach Good News go to www.oc.edu/goodnews.