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Calendar of Events

Global Reunion

July 24-28

Engineering Summer Academy

August 13-18

CBA Boot Camp

August 16-18


August 18, 2:30 pm

Campus Housing Opens

August 19

Classes Begin

August 27


Homecoming...November 3-4, 2017

Greetings from the...... let's say 'balmy' campus this July. Pretty hot and dry here, but we carry on! The 'church' camps are done and now we're on to a month of basketball camps, honors camp and some departmental specialty camps. Summer's half over. The start of our 67th year of operation is just around the corner. And.......so is life in higher ed.

Annual Global Reunion (TCK)

In addition to the camps mentioned above, the annual reunion of 'Third Culture Kids' takes place on campus this month during the Global Reunion. The brainchild of Kent ('77) and Nancy (Price '77) Hartman, this program is designed to help missionary kids adjust to a return or transition to the U.S. from a mission field or vice versa. It has proven to be an invaluable resource for these kids and their families. Each year over 100 participants attend this life-changing week on OC's campus.

Harold Fletcher Memorial

On Sunday, June 25th, over 100 OC Chorale alumni returned to OKC to provide the choral music for Dr. Harold Fletcher's memorial service at the Mayfair Church of Christ under the direction of Dr. Ken Adams ('69). .In addition to the choral arrangements, renditions of Dr. Fletcher's award-winning 'Oklahoma Set' were performed by an ensemble of alums. Approximately 600 attended the afternoon service. Through a number of speakers, the tremendous impact of this man was very clear. Dr. Harold Fletcher was indeed an Oklahoma Christian treasure.

New Event 'OC Remembers' to be Launched

We are pleased to announce that beginning this December, OC will launch a new program, called 'OC Remembers', to remember all of our immediate OC family who have been lost within that calendar year. This year's inaugural date is slated for Monday, Dec. 11 on the campus. Families of alumni, current students, current and former employees, and Board of Trustee members who have passed within each respective calendar year will be notified of the event with details of how they can participate. More information will be given as this program develops toward December. The event will be coordinated out of the alumni and events offices on campus and hosted by President John deSteiguer.

Annual OC 'Prayer Muster'

The Alumni Office will again promote our annual 'Prayer Muster' on the Sunday on which classes begin. This annual event is now in its 7th year and asks alumni and parents of students across the world to pray for the new school year and all those encompassed within it. The date this year will be Sunday, Aug. 27. More information will be coming in August, but I hope you will plan to pause alone, as a family, as a group of local alumni, or within your churches to ask God's blessings and safety on another school year's activities.

Homecoming "Bringin It Home"

"Destination OC" set for Nov. 3-4, 2017. Mark you calendars and contact your OC friends for a reunion on this weekend. It will be a BLAST! Special reunions - Class of 1967 and 80's decade. Activities for ALL!

Last Fall, the Backyard Club was Born...

But this isn't just any club. It's a group of OC-lovin' heroes, each committed to a monthly gift to the passion project of their choosing. Friends, alumni, parents, students--and their gifts in a variety of sizes--they're all included! And if you were to read their welcome sign, you might find something like this...

we get real.
Really real. Kickin' off the shoes, playing in the dirt, t-shirts and ketchup stains kind of real. We dig that authenticity.
we get things done. 
Every month. Big things, little things, every day things. Life-changing things. Because any OC project can be supported by your monthly gift.
we dream. 
Big dreams. God-can't-be-contained-and-neither-can-we kind of dreams.

Saving dreams, conquering doubts, and warding off the impossible--OC heroes are unparalleled. Keep a lookout, as big things are happening in the Backyard, and we'd like you in the mix.

Dr. Stafford North's Good News Newsletter

Good News for July tells of a great seminar in Kenya using New Life Behavior materials following which 200 were to be baptized and of a small church in Arkansas which has thrived through service to those with behavioral problems.  It also has stories on a small church in Kansas which has success through a Wednesday evening program for community children and of a visitor to the British Museum who tells the good news of the many biblical artifacts there which confirm scriptures.  Finally, there is good news about a winner in a PGA tournament. For information on the 2017 OC Lectureship on October 1-3 go to www.oc.edu/lectureship. The next Good News will be in September.  Please forward Good News to your email list and your church list.  Send story ideas to stafford.north@oc.edu.  To reach Good News go to www.oc.edu/goodnews.

Talk to you next month when we begin year 67! Safe travels for the summer.

In Him,
Bob Lashley ('74)