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Calendar of Events

Thanksgiving Holiday (Offices closed)

November 22,23,24

Lighting of the Commons

November 28

Cocoa & Carols

November 30

Holiday Hustle

December 2

OC Remembers (HA)

December 11

Commencement (HA)

December 15@ 10:30 am and 2:30 pm


Homecoming Chapel 2017

Hello, Fellow Eagles, and happy post-Halloween/post-Homecoming/pre-Thanksgiving! It's quite possible that most of you did NOT notice that we had no 'Excerpts' in October. A rather abrupt move of offices and frantic homecoming prep preempted that issue. So, here we are at the doorstep of a Turkey day break and some ground to make up. Let's get to it.

Current Version of Trick or Treat on Campus

While many of us miss the nights of the jam-packed, shoulder-to-shoulder taking the costumed kids room to room in the dorms for candy, it appears that those days have passed. In place of those nights have been events hosted by our student homecoming groups to fill that void. On Monday, October 30, the students hosted a carnival on the lawn in Lawson Commons for the campus and community. Student booths were there stocked with candy and games for the kids. Word got out to the OC community a bit late this year, but still, a number of area alums and their kids were able to brave a rather windy and cold night to take advantage of the event. We will look to get information out earlier next year as to the student plans for such an event.

Homecoming Wrap Up

Blessed again with fantastic homecoming weather, the weekend of Nov. 3,4 was awesome!  Another lauded performance of our traditional homecoming musical, a great Friday night banquet, 19 alums honored at our Friday afternoon Achievement Awards (see list below), some great reunions, including an exceptional reunion and concert by New Reign, two wins on the court following our free picnic lunch - all led to a fantastic weekend in the sun on the hill!

Achievement Award Honorees
Jonathan Reynolds- Distinguished Alumnus in Youth Ministry
Dr. Dudley Chancey- Adam Langford Christian Service Award
Collin Prock- Distinguished Alumnus in Mechanical Engineering
Tracy Kemp- Distinguished Alumnus in Math/CS
Brian Karguth- Distinguished Alumnus in Electrical Engineering
James A. Wood- Distinguished Alumnus in Masters of Engineering/CS
Dr. James E. Lankford- Distinguished Alumnus in Biological Sciences
Ryan Roseke- Distinguished Alumnus in Chemistry
Stephanie McDonald- Distinguished Alumnus in Nursing
Megan (Collier) Gunderson- Distinguished Alumnus in Teacher Ed.
Vivian Beethe- Distinguished Alumnus in Art & Design
Steve Shoemaker- Distinguished Alumnus in Communication
Deni Coryell- Distinguished Alumnus in History/Political Science
Dr. Peggy Gipson- Distinguished Alumnus in Language & Literature
Danny Vaughan- Distinguished Alumnus in Music
Dr. Nic Gotcher- Distinguished Alumnus in Psychology/Family Science
Bob May- Distinguished Alumnus in Business Administration
Aaron Pogue- Distinguished Alumnus in Honors Program

As always, you can get a visual overview of the activities by viewing the pictures photos.oc.edu/Alumni/Homecoming-2017.

Mark now next year's Homecoming date of.....November 2,3.

Pictured below are Mark and Sherrylee (Johnson '94) Woodward- Mission Service Award and David Bowden ('10)- Young Alumnus Award
Pictured below is Lois Hill- Honorary Alumnus Award
Pictured below are: Bill Pink ('90) and Lana Reynolds ('81)- Distinguished Alumnus Awards

Winter Wonderland Week Coming Up!

Our annual 'Lighting of the Commons' and 'Cocoa and Carols' are coming up soon. If you're in the area, mark your calendars for the 'lighting' on November 28, 6-8:00 pm and 'Cocoa' on November 30, 7:00 pm in Hardeman Auditorium.  Also, that weekend will be the annual 'Holiday Hustle' run on Saturday, December 2 at 9:00 am.  Online registration is open now thru November 30 at  oc.edu/holidayhustle.

'OC Remembers'

A new program to be launched on Monday, Dec. 11, 2017, will be called 'OC Remembers'. The ceremony will honor those of our extended family who have passed between Nov. 1 and Oct. 31 within that twelve-month time period prior to the event. While anyone is invited to attend, personal invitations are being sent to the families of those alumni, students, current or former employees, and board members who have passed within that time. The program will take place at 5:45 pm on that date in Garvey Center on campus. In addition to the 'role call' of names, the program will feature a performance by the OC Chorale. 

#Giving Tuesday, November 28

When it comes to OC pride, the Kah-kaws of the Eagles echo 'round the world.

That's why with each new year, our grads (you!) give any amount to any project on campus, taking their spots on our alumnometer and raising our alma mater's rank in U.S. News & World Report. And this #GivingTuesday, we're ready to break some records. Join us on November 28 and support any Kingdom-building, Eagle-celebrating, campus project of your choosing!
Join your fellow Eagles on #GivingTuesday, November 28.

OC Holiday 'Offices Closed' Schedule

As we near the holiday season, I thought it might be helpful for you to know when our offices will be closed. 
Thanksgiving - Closed Wednesday, November 22-Sunday, November 26
Christmas - Closed Thursday, December 21-Tuesday, January 2

Japanese Eagle Bash

The 2017 Japan Eagle Bash was hosted at Mito Church of Christ, in Mito, Japan on November 11, 2017.  This event is both an OC information session for prospective students and their parents and teachers, and also an alumni reception for Japanese and American OC alumni.  More than 50 people attended this year, including OC alumnus and Ibaraki Christian University Chancellor Jim Batten ('70).  OC personnel in attendance: President John deSteiguer, Director of Admissions Jancy (Gharkhania '00) Scott, Director of International Programs John Osborne ('91), and Assistant Director of Graduate Recruiting Greg Gillham.

And finally..........


Stafford North's 'Good News' Newsletter

This month Good News features a story about people from three continents worked together to save a soul. Then there are articles about World Bible School, work in Thailand, and a ministry providing religious literature in Spanish.  The next issue of Good News will be in January of 2018.  Be sure to share Good News with your church and/or personal email list and send story ideas to stafford.north@oc.edu.  To reach Good News go to:     www.oc.edu/goodnews.

So, until our 'Pre-Christmas' letter, have a great and safe Thanksgiving!

In Him,
Bob Lashley ('74)