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Campus Holiday Schedule- Offices Closed

Dec. 21- Jan. 2


"OC Remembers" Reception in McIntosh Conservatory

It's done. Another semester in the books. Number 67 to be exact. This semester has included a couple of new events for our office and the campus. I'll mention those in the news below, but all-in-all it's been a good fall term. Now, as our students scatter for the holidays, the campus gets quiet and another group of new alumni enters the workforce. It's the way it's supposed to be. Let's enjoy!

Homecoming 2018 Date

For the record (and your calendar).........next year's Homecoming dates are November 2,3.  Reunions for Class of 1968 and 90's Decade.  Mark it and make plans with your friends. We'd LOVE to have you come home!

Vienna Bound!

The next Vienna Alumni Adventure is now taking travelers for April 28-May 5!  We already have a few on board, so why not give yourselves a nice Christmas gift and come along?  To get the details and to register, go to oc.edu/alumni/vienna-alumni-adventure/. Ken and Lindy Adams will again be leading the excursions, and Kim and David Reiter and Chris and Jennifer Adair from our office will accompany this group.
Both trips so far have been a blast!  Go to the link and let us count you in. It's a bargain price as well and a great location at Das Millicanhaus. Check it out and take the plunge!

OC Launches "OC Remembers"

As mentioned in a previous Excerpts, on December 11 we began a new event designed to honor those of the OC extended family whom we have lost within the previous 12-month period. This first event included invitations to families of 53 lost 'family' members during the last year. The program featured a reception with tables for each of the 'Remembered'. The families were invited to bring as many friends and families as they wanted and to bring a few items representing their loved one to add to the table. Of the 53 families invited, 24 families attended with a total attendance of about 225.  The program featured comments by President John deSteiguer, the reading of the names of those whose families were in attendance (all names were listed in the printed program) and an outstanding and inspirational performance by the OC Chorale. As the names were read, one or two members of that family stood while one of our students presented them with a rose.
The program was simple but meaningful.  Many at the reception expressed mixed feelings in anticipation of the program and how they would feel re-opening their feelings.  Following the program, the response was overwhelmingly positive by those same folks.

Given the nature of such a program, we hope that none of you receive an invitation to attend very soon. However, when the time does come, we hope you will let us share your loss to some small extent as we try to honor those of our OC family that we have lost.
Pictured above-  "Remembered" alumnus Doug Broach and visitors at Hartman Place during OC Remembers
Pictured below- OC Remembers reception

Golden Eagles Meet Again

In late September, our 'Golden Eagles' group (retired OC employees of 10 years or more) met on campus to renew some experiences and hear from President deSteiguer. The meeting also challenged the group with an OC trivia quiz.  About 35 attended the brunch and then many attended the Great Songs chapel in Judd Theater. Another meeting will take place during the spring semester.

Stocking Stuffer Idea-Honors Summer Academy!

The perfect Christmas present for your child or grandchild that will have a lasting impact on their life!

As we approach the holidays and you’re busy searching for and wrapping presents for your family that have special uniqueness, meaning and value, consider an extraordinary gift for your high school student that promises benefits to last a lifetime!

Give your 9th, 10th, or 11th grader a one-week collegiate experience that includes two hours of academic credit, transferable to any university! 

Children/grandchildren of Alumni receive a $50 discount and choose from courses such as: Engineering, Spanish Immersion, How to Debate Issues that Matter Without Being a Jerk, In Cold Blood, Cell Bio, History of the Bible, Scriptures of the Holocaust, Intro to Music, Intro to Tolkien, and many others!

Apply before Jan. 1st to also receive a $50 early discount! For more information including testimonials, classes, and an online application, visit the Honors Summer Academy website at www.oc.edu/hsa , or contact the Honors office at 405-425-5300 or email honorssummeracademy@oc.edu.

Email us before December 22nd and we can send you a certificate to put in their stocking! Please feel free to pass this link on to any parents, grandparents, teachers, and friends of students whom you think would benefit from this opportunity!

Campus Bookstore Holiday Discount

The OC Campus Store is hosting a Christmas Sale where all OC merchandise and apparel is 20% off during the Christmas season.  Stop by to get your family and friends the perfect OC gift. Merry shopping 

Campus Holiday Schedule

The campus offices will be closed from Thursday, December 21st thru Tuesday, January 2nd. If you need assistance during that period in the Office of Advancement, both phone messages and online sites will be checked regularly. Please feel free to contact us.  We value your interest.

Well, I think that's it for this year. I wish for each of you and your families a happy and safe Christmas and holiday season!
Til 2018.......

In Him,
Bob Lashley ('74)