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Calendar of Events

Night at the Rangers
June 23 at 7:05 pm
7:05 pm Arlington, TX

Honors Summer Academy
July 12-17
July 19-24

Classes begin
August 30

Annual Associates Dinner
September 17
7:00-9:00 pm

OC Lecturship 2015
October 4-6



Lawson Softball Complex

Due to this year's heavy rains, the NCAA II Softball Championships were played on Tom Heath Field at the Lawson Softball Complex on the OC Campus.  The OC facility was one of the few playable sites in the state, due to rain conditions.

A good June to all of you Eagles, as the summer months are fully under way. 

As mentioned last month, we've been blessed in this area of the state (and beyond) with more than enough rain to fill most of our lakes and ponds, and to end some long-termed droughts around the state. As a result, the campus remains green and alive as we move into some busy summertime activities on campus. 

While we are very thankful for the rain, we also realize that we likely have some of our OC family around these areas who have suffered loss or damages due to flooding. To those, we offer our thoughts and prayers.

Here's the rest of the news:

OC Summer CampsMany of you may not realize how active our campus is during June and July. A number of various camps use our campus during that time. Here is a list of most of those camps occurring on the campus each summer. Or you can click here and go to Summer Camps.

Athletic -  Softball- May 27-30, June 2-5,  Baseball- June 2-5, June 9-12, June 16-19,  Soccer- June 8-11, June 11-12, July 13-16, July 30-Aug 2,  Basketball- June 22-25, July 6-9, July 13-16, July 20-23

Spiritual -  Genesis- June 14-19,  Zenith- June 21-26,  Cornerstone- June 28-July 3,  Impact- June 28-July 2,  National Youth Conference- July 18-23,  Global Reunion- July 27-31

Academic -  Honors Summer Academy- July 12-17, July 19-24

Add to these activities other groups that rent our facilities and it makes for a pretty full summer. 

Final 'Homeward' Results for 2015 - Three years in and Homeward still has it! With 2,040 grad givers and a 17.4% participation rate, OC grads once again beat the national average by more than double. Thanks for being awesome, Eagles! To read more on our (your) third incredible year, check out the full update on OC's Thrive Blog.

OC Homecoming 2015 - "A Fairytale Homecoming"  -  Reunion committees for the 60's decade and 2000's decade have now begun to meet to make plans for those special events for the weekend of Nov. 6-7!  Our honorees for the homecoming banquet will soon be set, and the students are working on their activities for that week. We've already been hearing about some communication among the class of 1965 members as they anticipate their 50-year reunion during that weekend. 

I personally believe that one of the main concerns about coming back to homecoming is the 'fear' of not seeing anyone you really know. Here's something to consider about that: don't leave it to chance. Start contacting your friends from that time and set up your own reunion within that weekend. It's always likely that you'll see some classmates that you know anyway, but to make sure - give 'em a call, text, email, tweet, instagram, facebook, letter (a piece of paper with actual writing on it done with a writing instrument and your own hand), youtube video invitation, singing telegram, pony express delivery, banner towed by a plane, Emoji code message, a courier pigeon, morse code, OR.......an actual conversation (executed by usually facing another person and using "your words" to convey a message to the receiving person).

So, there you have the solution to the 'homecoming panic'. Now there's no excuse NOT to make your plans to attend this year's homecoming on Nov. 6-7.  Be a part of it!

OC Lectureship 2015 - "Opening Acts"This year's OC Lectureship is scheduled for Oct. 4-6 and will focus on lessons from the book of Acts. The two keynote lectures will come from Alan Robertson from Duck Dynasty, and Harold Shank, President of Ohio Valley University. Jerry Rushford will be the speaker for the Elders/Preachers and Wives Dinner on that Monday evening. For more information and the complete schedule, you can go to OC Lectureship.


Stafford North's "Good News" Newsletter - The June issue of Good News has great news about World Christian Broadcasting’s progress in broadcasting around the world, interesting baptism stories from the U.S. and South Africa, and the visit of a group of Oklahomans to Colorado to help a children’s home.  You’ll be glad you read these stories.  To see these stories, go to Good News.  Send story ideas to stafford.north@oc.edu.  Consider sending Good News to your church email list or your own email or facebook list.

Til next month.

Bob Lashley (74) 

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