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Calendar of Events

  • McGaw Lecture featuring N.T. Wright
    Monday, March 24
  • Intergenerational Faith Center Dialogues
    Tuesday, April 1

Spring Sing - The 47th-annual Spring Sing show is now in the books. Here’s how they placed: First - Chi Lambda Phi; Second - Gamma Rho; Third - Kappa Sigma Tau; Fourth - Freshman Class. This was the first year that all SS tickets could be ordered online, and three of the four shows sold out in record time. Hopefully, if you couldn’t attend, you caught at least some of it online from our normal streaming of the Friday night and Saturday night shows.

Spring Visit weekend continues to be the largest single-weekend recruiting weekend of the year for our Admissions Office. For all of the effort put in by our students and admissions staff, the campus community continues to benefit as a whole. While it was a bit unfortunate that the time change and loss of an hour’s sleep happened to fall on that weekend, this week’s Spring Break comes at a VERY convenient time for the students. We now prepare for the “homestretch” of the school year.

N.T. Wright - Next week’s visit of world-renowned Bible scholar and author N.T. Wright will bring another extremely large and diverse audience to the OC campus. With total “sellouts” of all tickets, the three sessions of the two-day event, hosted by Dr. John Harrison, the College of Biblical Studies and our Graduate School of Theology, promises to be one of the biggest events on the campus in many years. For more information on Dr. Wright and the significance of the event, go to www.oc.edu/news/renowned-scholar-nt-wright-to-speak-at-oc/.

OC Again Listed in Princeton Review - OC’s major in Gaming and Animation, under the direction of Mr. Jeff Price, has earned national recognition once again. Our program is ranked No. 14 on a list of the top schools to study game design. Find out more here: www.oc.edu/news/oklahoma-christian-ranked-among-best-schools-for-video-game-design/

Online RN to BSN Program - OC will begin offering an online RN to BSN program this May. More hospitals are requiring nurses to have their bachelor’s degrees, so this program is launching at the perfect time. RN to BSN students can complete their degree in just 16 months – completely online and on their schedule. If you’re an RN or if you know nurses who would benefit from this program, get more info at www.oc.edu/RN2BSN.

Homeward Campaign 2014 - Exciting news on the Homeward front, as we've set another new record for alumni participation. We just hit 1,500 on our road to our goal of 1,700 grad givers by May 31. That's an incredible milestone, and we hope you'll take a moment today to celebrate. If you or the Eagles you know haven't given this year, we still need you. Just 200 more grad givers and we're to our goal! To participate, please go to www.oc.edu/homeward.

Eagle Landing Update - If you’re a regular reader of this newsletter, you should be familiar with the project to place a tribute area on campus that will honor our graduates and general OC family. We have now begun the primary fundraising phase of the project and hope to achieve success with that soon. We recently sent a “test mailing” of about 60 alumni to test our system for alums to check or change their information. The test revealed several needed improvements and we are working to make those. We may need until mid-April to make the changes needed and to design and print up the materials needed for the mailing. Our goal is to make the process as brief as possible, while still providing alumni of all ages a way to check and respond.

Be watching for an envelope with “Landing” in red on the envelope. Don’t miss the opportunity to make sure your name and grad year is correct.

Homecoming 2014 - This year’s Homecoming activities will feature the musical Little Women. The special reunion groups will the 90s decade and the 50-year class of 1964. Mark your calendars now for November 14-15, 2014!

Stafford North’s Good News Newsletter - The March 2014 issue of Good News has stories from Kenya, India, Little Rock, Dallas, and Tuttle, Oklahoma. You will be really encouraged to read these reports about good things happening around the brotherhood. To reach Good News, just go to www.oc.edu/goodnews. This month also has information about a great trip to Greece, Turkey, Jordan, and Israel with a group of OC alumni. Send suggestions about stories of Good News to stafford.north@oc.edu

Talk to you next month.

Bob Lashley (74)
Executive Director of Alumni Relations

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