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Calendar of Events

Classes Begin
August 30, Sunday evening

First Week Follies
September 3
7:00 PM

Annual Associates Gala
September 17
7:00-9:00 PM

Museum of the Bible Exhibit (Garvey Center)
September 2-18

Freshman Fanfare/Campus Connect
September 25
7:00 PM

Lectureship 2015
October 4-6

Fall Break
October 15-16

Homecoming 2015
November 6-7


Prayer Muster 2014-2
North Texas Alums Gather For OC Prayer Muster in Summer 2014

Well, Fellow Eagles, summer's pretty much a done deal for 2015. I hope yours was a good one and that you're energized and ready to launch into another fall season of activities. 

On campus, our August classes are in full swing and our freshmen come in on the 25th of this month. Our fall student numbers are looking good right now, so let's hope they hold for another record enrollment year.  Having received the official word on our acceptance.....this will be our first full year as a member of the NCAA II family in athletics. It's a new era for OC.

Now- on to the news!

Third Annual 'OC Prayer Muster'  -  On Sunday, August 30, we are again asking all OC alumni, and as many churches that are willing, to dedicate a time of prayer for OC students, faculty, staff, and administration as we enter into our 65th year of operation. Please pray for the safety of students and parents traveling, separation concerns of students and parents, health/safety/effective service of workers, and even for the job search of soon-to-be graduates. Also, we would appreciate your prayers of thanksgiving for all of our donors who make it possible for the work here to continue. Many have recently gone well above 'the call' to help us with some specific challenges. For all of these folks, we are extremely indebted.

We hope you'll spend some time either individually, as an alumni group in your area or within your congregations, to ask God's blessings on our work this year.

If it’s convenient and not too disruptive, we’d love to have photos of groups you are praying with during Prayer Muster. You can email them to us at alumni@oc.edu or post them to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. using the hashtag #ocprayermuster. We look forward to seeing great pictures from you.

Summer Alumni Vienna Trip Details - April 30 - May 7, 2016 -  As mentioned in last month's Excerpts, the second, and improved version of the "OC Vienna Alumni Adventure" is back on the table - with earlier notice and a cooler date.  Having realized some significant hurdles with last year's offering, we have revised a couple of key pieces that we think will make this year's trip a reality.

- Earlier notice - I'm pleased to say that with this announcement, we are 'open for business' for next spring's trip!  For full details, you can go to Vienna Alumni Adventure.

-  Earlier week  -  Two of last year's concerns were the heat in July (much like Okla weather) and the airfare costs during that peak vacation time. This year, we were able to get the first part of May for our week. All indicators point to this being a much cooler time as well as having less expensive air fares on average.

-  Professional travel assistance  -  This time, we have enlisted the assistance of '01 alumna Kate (Millican) Hartman of Katie@kalikosmos.com to assist you with your air reservations if you so choose. As was the plan last year, we will not be traveling as a group, but hope all can arrive on our designated arrival date of Saturday, April 30.  Kate can be of great assistance with that, as well as shopping rates for you and any air miles that might apply. 

Rooms at OC's Das Millicanhaus are limited to 16 with capacities and floor plans varying. Why not re-live those OC/Vienna glory years with some of your friends. Check out the details and make your plans early!

International Welcome Kits - Each year our International Studies Office sponsors a 'Welcome Kit' program for incoming foreign students to the states and OC. A number of you have donated to this program in the past. It's that time again and our IS office would like your help again. Click on this link for more information: Welcome Kit . 

Visiting 'Museum of the Bible' - From September 2-18th, OC has a rare opportunity to host a traveling museum of Bible artifacts called "Sacra Pagina" - meaning "The Sacred Page". This museum features more than 50 select items from the Green Collection, the largest private collection of rare biblical text and artifacts from the earliest days of writing to modern times. 

To be housed during that time in our art gallery in the Garvey Center, the exhibit will feature artifacts organized into 13 classifications designed to vividly tell the Bible's story. Containing 13th century letters, a Greek New Testament from the year 1521 used to construct the King James Version, Martin Luther's 16th century translation of the New Testament, a replica of a portion of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and much, much more......this exhibit will be a highlight to all interested in the history of the most important book in the world.

The OC Garvey Center Art Gallery will be open from 8:00 am-5:00 pm each weekday from September 2 through September 18 (with the exception of Labor Day on September 7).  Admission is free.  For more information about the artifacts on display, go to www.oc.edu/exhibit.  If you would like to see about bringing a group, please contact Bob Rowley ('70) at bob.rowley@oc.edu or by phone at 405-425-5109.

That's it for this time.  Talk to you in September - year 65 for your Alma mater!


Bob Lashley (74)

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