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Calendar of Events

Donald Miller 
January 22
More info: www.oc.edu/miller

History Speaks: Fred Gray
& Claudette Colvin 
February 9
More info: www.oc.edu/mcgaw

Athletic Hall of Fame Dinner:
Dave Dravecky 
February 23
More info: www.oc.edu/ahof

Spring Sing 2015
March 6-7
More info: www.oc.edu/springsing

McGaw Lecture: Ravi Zacharias 
March 30
More info: www.oc.edu/ravi


Vienna Alum Trip  Spring Sing 2015

"Good February, Fellow Eagles!  What a year for weather, huh? The northeast is buried in snow and last Saturday on campus was a high of 82 degrees. Of course, the next day our high was 36, and Monday the campus was closed due to ice. Mother Nature does indeed keep us on our toes! Anyway, all is well and Spring Sing is just ahead. Let's get to the news.

Vienna Alumni Adventure - Well, it's finally out there!

If you've not checked your email since last week (of course if not, you're likely not getting this either, so.....), our Vienna trip information, prices and registration page is now online and inquiries have begun. With only 16 rooms available, I hope you'll check it out soon and consider joining us! You can find the information at http://www.oc.edu/alumni/vienna-alumni-adventure.html. Oklahoma Christian is very proud of our own facility, Das Millicanhaus, within this beautiful city. If you join us, you'll experience living there as our students do (without the homework). This trip will not be handled exactly like a student trip in that while daily morning excursions will be a part of the package price, there will be options available every day. Travel to and from will also be 'on your own' so you can take advantage of airline miles, varied schedules, and so forth.

Why not check out the information and join Ken & Lindy Adams and Judi and I during the first week in July. We'd love to have you come along!

OC Annual Lectureship - "Opening Acts", OC's 2015 Lectureship will take place on Oct. 4-6, 2015.  This year's two main keynote speakers are: Sunday evening, Alan Robertson from the 'Duck Dynasty' family, and Monday evening, Dr. Harold Shank (72) currently of Ohio Valley College.  Mark your calendars now for this long-time OC tradition.

North Texas Alumni Chapter Annual Dinner/Auction - For over 10 years now, the OC alumni chapter centered in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex has been funding their chapter operations and OC scholarships for north Texas students by hosting a dinner and auction. That annual event is scheduled this year for Saturday, April 11 at 5:30pm. This year's event will be held at the Omni Hotel on I-635W, just west of I-35. This event is planned and executed almost entirely by the chapter board with only minor assistance from OC personnel. This year's event will also honor Dr. Ken and Lindy Adams with a scholarship named after them.

Whether you live in the area or would like to come in just for the event, you can make your reservation by contacting our Texas office: dawn.parker@oc.edu or visit the North Texas Alumni website at www.ocalumninorthtexas.com.

Homecoming 2015 - While a theme has not yet been selected, Homecoming 2015 is already shaping up to be one of the most promising ones ever!  I'm excited to announce that the musical for next Nov. 5-7 will be "Shrek" (not Gary or Paulette). This promises to be a great family show that will make you 'green with envy' if you don't attend.

Also, we will feature our 50 year class of 1965, a 're-do' of the Bartlesville and 60s decade Barn Bash, along with a family event for the decade of the 2000s.

This event will be in our 65th year of operation and our 64th homecoming.  Why not start contacting your college 'posse' and set up your personal reunion now for Nov. 6-7, 2015.

Graduation Day Changes - With growth comes change - and OC is growing!  Beginning this spring with our graduation ceremonies, we will begin having two ceremonies each graduation due to limited space in our facilities. As is often said in such circumstances, 'what a great problem to have'!  The graduates will be divided by colleges each time depending on their numbers of graduates for that semester. We will try to balance the numbers for each ceremony as well as possible so that we do not have to limit the number of family and friends that may want to attend for each graduate, as do many universities. We hope that any inconveniences to families are minimal.

Spring Sing - "Just Duet" is the theme for this year's annual Spring Sing program on March 6-7. Tickets are on sale now and you can call for available tickets at 405-425-6310. 

Maybe we'll see you here in early March!

3rd Annual Homeward Campaign - Homeward, our yearly alumni giving participation program, is really starting to take off. As of today, 1,001 OC grads have given back this academic year. We're aiming for 2,300 by May 31, so please get involved at www.oc.edu/homeward and spread the word to the Eagles you know!

Last year marked the beginning of another powerful new tradition: Homeward Pride. A one-of-a-kind club competition that helped set OC and our grads (you!) apart in a big, big way in the eyes of the US News and ranking agencies nationwide. 2014's inaugural competition saw more than 900 club grads give back to the passion projects their clubs selected, raising more than $24,500 in the process and taking OC's alumni participation rate to a record 19.7%. Let's not mince words, 2014 WAS HUGE.

We crowned a winner, too. The men of Delta Gamma Sigma, with more than half of their grads giving, took the 2014 Homeward Pride trophy, bragging rights, and a $500 cash prize. Today, we're just weeks into our second round of Homeward Pride, and it's anyone's game. Want the mantle for your club? Now's your chance:

Current Standings

  1. Delta Gamma Sigma (16.0%)
  2. Theta Theta Theta (14.1%)
  3. Gamma Rho (13.7%)
  4. Kappa Sigma Tau (12.2%)
  5. Alpha Gamma Omega (10.4%)
  6. Chi Lambda Phi (10.2%)
  7. Lambda Chi Zeta (9.3%)
  8. Psi Epsilon (7.5%)
  9. Pi Zeta Phi (6.3%)
  10. Omega Psi Omicron (4.3%)
  11. Iota Kappa Phi (1.9%)

Any amount. Any OC project. You give. You count. The club with the highest percentage of alumni participation will be crowned Homeward Pride: Club Champion. Use the links above to give to your club’s passion project OR give anywhere on campus via www.oc.edu/homeward. Tell the club grads you know and follow the latest standings every Friday on Twitter via @OCAlumni.

On behalf of both those of us in the alumni office and the university administration, I would like to add my personal 'thanks' to those of you who are stepping up and 'paying forward' some of the assistance you received from generous donors while you were in school. Some of you have made statements that you really never missed your donation, and that you never even thought about giving back to OC until the Homeward program. Just know that by doing whatever you could do, along with many others, you DO make a difference. If you've not yet gotten involved, why not join the team today? With your help, Oklahoma Christian is rapidly becoming one of the premiere alumni 'participation' universities in the nation. Let's keep moving forward!

Finally …

Stafford North's 'Good News' newsletter - This month's issue of 'Good News' features stories on good things happening around the world.  The work of the church in the Philippines is encouraging in the midst of disaster, the church in Croatia provides an inspiring report, churches in the Northeastern United States have good news to share, and an inner-city work in Ft. Worth is doing great work.  In addition, there is a brief word about a preacher who did remarkable work before he recently died.  Click on this link to reach Good News: www.oc.edu/goodnews.  To submit a story idea for Good News, email stafford.north@oc.edu.

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