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Eagle Excerpts

Homecoming is Coming! - We hope you’ve marked your calendars and made your plans to ‘come home’ on November 14-15 for our “Who Says You Can’t Come Home?” Homecoming! Class of 1964 and decade of the 90s - it’s your special year! See the regularly updated schedule at www.oc.edu/homecoming.

OC Lectureship - Our annual Lectureship is coming up on October 5-7. This year’s theme is “Fully Engaged,” with practical sessions focused on how a congregation can get more members activated by helping them “follow in His steps.” Most of the lectures and classes deal with how churches can help members be like Jesus as they serve, tell, exemplify, pray, and sacrifice - all basic qualities of Jesus. Go to www.oc.edu/lectureship for more information. You can also pre-register for meals on this site.

Another Record Enrollment! - For the third straight year, OC is enjoying a record student enrollment! While this is, of course, primarily due to excellent work by our admissions staff, our alumni are getting more involved each year by attending recruiting events in their respective areas and encouraging prospective students and their parents, and by contacting us with student names that we may not have in our database. This is helping us fulfill our vision of ‘OC Grows’! This year, we have 1,977 undergraduates and 502 graduate students for a combined enrollment of 2,479. Your alma mater is on the move! See the following story from Admissions about how you can get involved and help share the OC experience with more and more young people.

2014 Associates Dinner - On September 18, more than 700 alumni, church and community friends, and students gathered at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum for our 12th-annual Associates Gala, which celebrates our Associates donors. The evening has proven to be a great outreach to the OKC community as we annually select honorees for the Lee Allan Smith Spirit of Oklahoma Award. In the past three years, recipients have included three mayors who transformed the Oklahoma City community through MAPS projects and other initiatives, three past Oklahoma first families, and three TV weathermen who were so heroic in the severe 2013 tornado season. This year, for the first time, the award went to two of OC’s own - Sherri Coale (87) and Jan Ross (86) - for their outstanding representation of OC and our community with the University of Oklahoma women’s basketball program. President John deSteiguer also interviewed three outstanding current students and three recent graduates in front of the audience. The change from having a high-profile speaker allowed us to show the community and friends a glimpse of the outstanding quality of our students and alumni. This segment was a great part of the gala’s resounding success. If you would like to know more about the Associates program and how you can be a part, contact Will Blanchard at will.blanchard@oc.edu or Bob Lashley at bob.lashley@oc.edu.

DAH Auditorium Gets Facelift/New Name - On September 19, the newly-renovated DAH Auditorium was dedicated and renamed Cail Auditorium, in honor of longtime professor Dr. James Cail (58) who, along with Dr. Jim Wilson, Dr. John Maple (72) and Dr. John Thompson (78), held court in that room for many years. The dedication marked the completion of the fifth Thrive project since the campaign launched in June. Generous gifts by several of Dr. Cail’s friends and family made the renovations possible.

Thrive Campaign - If you haven’t gotten to know our new and very unique campaign, Thrive, you should! Only four months old and we think this campaign’s a hit. Why? Two major reasons: (1) we’re focusing on very concrete, momentum-building projects that will impact our students immediately; and (2) we’re going bold on our philosophy toward transparent communication. We’ve committed to giving you an up-to-the-minute, “tell all” peek behind the campaign curtain. Not only are we publicly showcasing project progress and donations on the main Thrive website (oc.edu/thrive), but we’re also showing the human side of fundraising, university planning, and more via the Thrive Blog (oc.edu/thriveblog). To date, we’ve seen approximately 15,000 visits to these sites. We’d love to see that number double with your help! 

If you visit the website today, you’ll discover that a lot has happened since June 1. Our generous OC family has fully funded five projects (Cail Auditorium, Hardeman HD, the College of Engineering, our Strategic Planning Fund, and Das Millicanhaus). The entire first year of our new spiritual life paradigm, Ethos, has been funded in cash; and we’re more than two-thirds of the way toward our $3M goal for the Cafeteria Reboot! In total, 933 people have committed 6.6 million dollars toward Thrive…and we’re just getting started.

Please bookmark the Thrive sites (oc.edu/thrive and oc.edu/thriveblog) and visit often for updates. And, if you’re a Twitter user, follow Thrive’s progress via @OCThrive. Watch for more exciting news soon!

Vienna or Bust! - Whether you were a part of the Vienna Studies program as a student, or you’ve always wanted to see what you missed, we have exciting news for you!! We recently got the ‘green light’ to offer a limited number of alumni a week in Vienna at OC’s own Das Millicanhaus! While the facility is booked almost year-round by groups from OC and other schools, we’re happy to have this week reserved for alumni. The 2015 trip will happen July 2-10. Dr. Ken and Lindy Adams will be the trip’s official hosts while my wife Judi (Williams 76) and I will also make the trip. We are working on details and hope to have a bit more information in the upcoming Vision magazine, due to hit mailboxes in October. Look for an online registration site soon.

Athletic Scholars! - Since the generous $1 million gift by Richard and Mo Anderson to fund an endowment to assist our student-athletes in their studies, our Eagles have responded to the challenge. Even with more travel and missed class time involved with our new NCAA conference, our student-athletes recorded the highest collective GPA in OC’s history last year! Assisted by Dean Findley (82), the Director for Academic Excellence in Athletics, OC finished 2013-14 atop the Heartland Conference with a 3.29 overall grade-point average. The OC women’s teams posted the league’s highest overall average with a 3.40, while the men’s teams tied for second with an overall 3.17 GPA.

Stafford North’s Good News - You will note that Good News has a new look, which will make it easier to reach the stories and hopefully attract even more readers. We also have indexed all the stories from the past four years so you can indicate a category or a geographic location and see all the applicable entries. September’s stories tell of a successful outreach campaign in Ohio; a small Texas church that recently doubled in size and needs a bus; the success of theology classes in Brazil; and missions interns from Oklahoma Christian. There also is an article on three recent books that can help in missions and local outreach. Go to www.oc.edu/goodnews and read the stories to be encouraged and get ideas that might be helpful in your congregation’s work! To submit a story idea, email stafford.north@oc.edu.

Until next month, have a great fall season!

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