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Calendar of Events

  • Toast & Tassels
    Friday, April 25
  • Undergraduate Commencement
    Friday, April 25
  • Graduate Commencement
    Saturday, April 26
  • Take Flight - New Student Orientation
    May 2, June 20 or August 16
  • Honors Summer Academy
    July 6-11 and July 13-18

Field of Flags at OC - Last Friday, student and staff volunteers posted 168 Oklahoma flags and 168 U.S. flags on the front lawn of the OC campus. The “Ralph and Maxine Harvey Field of Flags” is a dual tribute to the victims of the Murrah Federal Building bombing on April 19, 1995, and the terror attacks on September 11, 2001. OC is the only site in the world outside of New York City to have survivor trees from the World Trade Center and Oklahoma City’s Murrah Building side by side. These trees are located between the Gaylord University Center and the Mabee Learning Center.

Bob Lashley

Hello, fellow Eagles! This month’s Excerpts leads us into the close of our 64th year of operation, and I continue to be amazed that Dr. Stafford North has actually been here 65 years! No … that’s ridiculous. As of the end of this month, he will only have completed 60 years with Oklahoma Christian! The Board of Trustees, at that time, will remove him from ‘probation’ status and make him a full-time employee. OK, enough kidding around … but the ‘60 years’ part is for real! Congratulations, Stafford!

Now, on to the news ...

Bob Lashley (74)
Executive Director of Alumni Relations

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