What is Homeward?

Do you talk about your alma mater, Oklahoma Christian, at every opportunity? We thought so. And we do the same.

Because sure, our beautiful, park-like campus is one to be desired. But the true difference of this University family is the people -- prayer-lifting, campus-visiting, opinion-having people. This is why the alma mater pops into your head every Monday morning, and why your heart gleams with pride when you see a fellow Eagle sporting his or her OC swag.

Today you are given the chance to toot your Homeward horn as you declare to the world that Oklahoma Christian University has one of the lifesavingest, kingdom-buildingest, world-changingest groups of people this side of eternity. Because every new grad giver helps raise our alma mater’s ranking in US News & World Report. A higher ranking means more partnership opportunities for faculty and students, more grant dollars for academic and service projects, and a higher valued degree for our grads—you!

For four years straight we've chased national domination in alumni participation and we're about to do it again. It's time to head Homeward. Because with any amount, any OC project. You give. You count.



Head Homeward!

Homeward Pride 

In 2014, Homeward Pride was born, dwelling in the hearts of proud club alums. The premise was simple: Let's put alumni participation in the hands of our clubs.

We expected good things from Homeward Pride (you always do good things). What we didn't expect? 1,700 club grads investing more than $58,000 in two short years --launching club mission efforts, growing scholarships, funding student mentoring programs, making home for international students, and more. And we crowned two clubs as Homeward Pride Champions in the process, Delta Gamma Sigma (2014) and Psi Epsilon (2015 & 2016), each club showcasing an astounding 50%+ participation rate among their alumni.

Simply put, there's never been anything like Homeward Pride. Ever.

This school year, we just can't wait until next Spring. 

So mark that calendar. November 27 through December 3.

And prepare yourself for an extra dose of awesome as we witness 7 days of what Homeward Pride truly does.

Psi wins HP

Spring 2016 Homeward Pride Champions: Psi Epsilon!

Club Standings 

Passion projects. Kingdom work.
And a really sweet trophy...

Mark your calendars for
Homeward Pride
Nov 27-Dec 3

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