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Homeward Pride 2016

Psi Epsilon

2015 Homeward Pride Champions: Psi Epsilon!

2014 marked the beginning of a powerful new tradition: Homeward Pride, a one-of-a-kind club competition that helped set OC and our grads (you!) apart in a big, big way in the eyes of the US News and ranking agencies nationwide. 2014’s inaugural competition saw more than 900 club grads give back to the passion projects their clubs selected, raising more than $24,500 in the process and taking OC’s alumni participation rate to a record 19.7%. Let’s not mince words here, 2014 WAS HUGE.

Oh…and did we mention a winner was crowned? The men of Delta Gamma Sigma, with more than half of their grads giving, took the 2014 Homeward Pride trophy, bragging rights, and a $500 cash prize. 

In 2015, you and our students took Homeward Pride by storm again. Between January 15 and April 10, 2015, our clubs added 807 new grad givers and raised $33,908.85 for their passion projects. (Awesome!) And the moniker of "Homeward Pride Champion" changed hands in the process--last year the big win went to the Samurai of Psi Epsilon, who recorded an incredible 57.5% participation rate.

In 2016, our newest tradition continues. From February 15 through April 15, our clubs will be taking to various airwaves to spread the Homeward news and to prove their club alums are the proudest of the proud. You can join them in their quest to bring home the trophy, and make a big kingdom difference in the process, by giving any amount to any project at their links on the right side of the page.

Homeward Videos

Club Standings

Delta Gamma Sigma (10.82%) Donate
Theta Theta Theta (10.12%) Donate
Alpha Gamma Omega (9.71%) Donate
Kappa Sigma Tau (9.35%) Donate
Gamma Rho (7.2%) Donate
Chi Lambda Phi (6.89%) Donate
Psi Epsilon (3.42%) Donate
Pi Zeta Phi (2.61%) Donate
Iota Kappa Phi (2.24%) Donate