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Homeward Pride 2016

Psi Epsilon

2016 Homeward Pride Champions: Psi Epsilon!

In 2014 we created a monster. The idea felt simple and small at the time: let's put alumni participation in the hands of our clubs. They get to pick fundraising projects that matter to them, and their competitive spirit--their desire to prove their club alums as the proudest of the proud--will drive the kingdom work they do.

We expected good things from Homeward Pride (you always do good things). What we didn't expect? 1,700 club grads investing more than $58,000 in two short years --launching club mission efforts, growing scholarships, funding student mentoring programs, making home for international students, and more. And we crowned two Homeward Pride Champions in the process, Delta Gamma Sigma (2014) and Psi Epsilon (2015), each club showcasing an astounding 50%+ participation rate among their alumni.

Simply put, there's never been anything like Homeward Pride. Ever.

In the spring of 2016, we wake the sleeping monster. The clubs have selected their projects, they've set their goals for accomplishing meaningful kingdom work, and they have their eyes focused on the 2016 Homeward Pride trophy, bragging rights, and a $500 cash prize. 

Want to make a difference and put the trophy in the hands of the best club around? Then now's your time to shine. Any amount. Any OC project. Every new club grad giver before April 15 counts. The club with the highest percentage of alumni participation will be crowned Homeward Pride: Club Champion. Use the links to the right to give to your club’s passion project OR give anywhere on campus via the "Give Now" category above.

Homeward Videos

Club Standings

Psi Epsilon (38.35%) Donate
Chi Lambda Phi (24.28%) Donate
Delta Gamma Sigma (21.94%) Donate
Theta Theta Theta (18.30%) Donate
Iota Kappa Phi (17.52%) Donate
Alpha Gamma Omega (16.67%) Donate
Pi Zeta Phi (15.48%) Donate
Gamma Rho (14.62%) Donate
Kappa Sigma Tau (13.32%) Donate