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Jill Wood Garcia

I attended Oklahoma Christian primarily seeking a good, Christian husband.  But God made me wait post-graduate for that goal.  So I was blessed to get a Math/Computer Science degree instead.  I was able to work as a Software Developer for 23 years and the best part of that career was that the last 10 of those 23 years I got to work part-time.  What a blessing to be able to enjoy both a career and lots of time at home with my children!!  I'm so grateful to Oklahoma Christian for their part in in my career!  Also, while at Oklahoma Christian I participated in summer mission trips all 4 summers.  Those were life-changing trips in helping me see the huge need for missions and in cultivating in me a love for the lost and for helping me see how incredibly blessed I am here in the US!  I'm so grateful for my time at Oklahoma Christian!!

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Cary Branscum

Class of '74. Okay, OC, this is one of the coolest ideas ever. Thanks for the pad and pen, and here we go:  I am thrilled to have a venue in which to say THANKS! This is my 40th year since graduation, and you changed my life. You were small enough to know me, and big enough to give me a platform for life. You were a blank canvas, you handed me a palette, a handful of brushes and said "Paint your masterpiece".

I've been a minister for 40 years, in my 8th year as minister with the Hills church of Christ in Fort Worth. Taylor Walling, a recent OC alum just joined our staff. You love the Word, you helped me love it. Not a day goes by I don't recall a teacher, a book, a word. You taught me real pride, not false pride. You let me form a comedy team with my late friend, Kurt Conner, and you gave us venues for our talents. Devotionals, outreaches, a respect for other viewpoints, and core knowledge of God. My wife of almost 40 years was a student at OC. 40 years, 5 churches, dozens of cars, 5 houses, and many worn-out Bibles later, I say thanks. Keep on the cutting edge, keep changing lives, touching hearts, shaping souls.  Thank you.

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Jack English

I was about to be a senior in high school in 1966 when Ralph Burcham, OCC business teacher, came to my home congregation seeking support to do mission work in Vietnam. I had already committed to another Christian college after graduation and knew nothing about Oklahoma Christian College. The elders of our church (of whom my dad was one) encouraged us to write the new missionary in Vietnam so I did. To my surprise Ralph Burcham wrote me right back and even sent pictures of his ministry there.

I shared with him my interest in preaching and he encouraged me to consider OCC. He also said he would be returning to resume his  teaching responsibilities there and promised to help me to pursue possible mission work together some day. I was impressed to say the least of his personal interest in my welfare and future service in the kingdom.

Based on our long distance communication by letter I did seek more information about OCC and eventually made a commitment to move to the plains of Oklahoma. Ralph Burcham kept his promise and when he returned to OCC within the next couple of years he became a surrogate father to this boy a long way from home. 

I became president of the Outreach group devoted to mission work and along with Ralph Burcham and Ron Bever we hosted our first mission workshop on campus. We made several weekend mission trips together and my desire to serve through preaching the gospel was only enhanced.

i eventually did have an opportunity to do mission work with Ralph Burcham but had another opportunity that I chose at the time. But i will always be grateful for this man of God who directed me to the campus of OKlahoma Christian where i found my wife, Pat Lashley and a host of lifelong friends. I am proud to have had two daughters, Angel and Sarah, to attend OC and hopefully some grandchildren will in the future.

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