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Khuu Anh Qu?c

Oklahoma Christian University is a University of reputation and prestige, that was my dream when I was a high school student. I always dreamed that " I will become an international student and study at OC .At that time, My family is not all financial ability to help my dream come true.But, i decided not to give it up.Although, I know that I'm not a native speaker and an official citizen of US (I'm Asians). I always try to find scholarships and oppotunities from the school website..It will be a platform to help me be able to participate in school. I hope that those who read my articles will sympathize and share information about scholarships and help me .

thanks for your reading!

Have a good day! My friends

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Eva P. (Jordan) Scott

The professors at Oklahoma Christian taught me that you could glorify God in anything you did in life. Ministry was using your gifts where you were, not the occupation itself.

One of the highlights of OC was going to Brazil on a mission trip during the summer break.


Howard & Jane Norton invited me to a meeting at their home about the trip. I was not able to go until the next summer, but they planted the seed of missions in my mind and heart.

Although I did not choose missions as a vocation, I teach the Bible every day through World English Institute online and teach children at church.

The professors showed excellence in their field and a love of God in the business classes I took in my major as well as other professors in other subjects.

We sent our daughter to OC.

It is a great place to earn your wings!

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Robert Leeson

After graduating with a Computer Engineering degree in 2004, I worked for almost 3 years at Support Systems Associates Inc.  I was self-taught in the .NET framework here.  In 2008, I was referred to Data-Tronics Corp (now ArcBest Technologies) where they had an opening for direct hire.  After being hired on, it opened the door for trips to recruit from OC.  I am still employed at ArcBest Technologies and I have seen several of our graduates come through this company now.

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