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James and Natasha Yarbrough


As high school sweet hearts we were filling out college applications and not wanting to choose based on each other's choices we gathered our acceptance letters and decided separately praying hard that God would send us to the college he felt we needed to be. After choosing we both told each other and we both had chosen OC. We started and laughed as we heard rumors of "ring before spring;" little did we know we'd be engaged that Decemeber. James (Andrew) proposed at the park next to OC and was ponded by the engineering department, since we were not in clubs yet, the next day. We were married that summer and OC literally became our first home as a married couple. We spent the next three years loving every minute being at OC. We joined clubs, Andrew was in Omega and I was in Gamma Rho. We enjoyed our departments. I even became the Psychology club president my senior year. Now we have a daughter and still visit our old professors and go to as many events as we can. 

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Kendra (Berry) Barton


I visited OC because my minister (Stafford North's son-in-law) said I should. I decided to go because it was far from home and because of the strength of OCs engineering program (undergrads instead of seasoned professors? Not at OC!).

On a whim I tried out for Chorale and - who knew? - some engineering majors can sing! Chroale tours, both overseas and in the states, gave me a worldview that I wouldn't have had otherwise. On the strength of my Chorale experience I'm a part of our Worship Team regularly today.

Finding a local church during college kept me grounded as I 'left the nest'. I spent 4 years of Spring Break missions with Edmond Church to Mexico. Where does that kind of foundation lead? Next year I'll be on a mission trip to Ghana where Mercy Project creates sustainable cage fishing to free the current system of child slave labor. There is kingdom work to be done everywhere.

Participation in club sports (Gamma) introduced me to a volunteer coach and Texas boy, Gerald Barton (94) who turned out to be the other half of my whole. Never did really teach me to play volleyball though...

The OC impact lives on decades later. I expect it always will.

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Dan & Joneen Copeland

We are 1970 grads who wanted to join the Peace Corps upon graduation.  Apparently GOD had other plans for us.  Our first teaching job was on the Blackfoot reservation in Browning, Montana, and there we helped start a small congregation meeting alternately in Cut Bank and Browning.  Then we moved to the Flathead reservation and helped with the church in Polson, MT.  From there we ended up in California, then to Jamestown, ND where we worked with the church and started a private school.  From there we went to Crowley's Ridge Academy in NE Arkansas and eventually learned how to get overseas.  We spent 13 years teaching at an international school in Seoul, Korea and Shanghai, China, and worked to strenghen and expand the LORD's Kingdom in those areas.  Presently retired, but continue to plan mission and other efforts.  Thanks to OC for an education that helped provide a very interesting and productive life in service to the LORD.

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