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Daniel Agin

After I graduated, my dad rode with me on the 5 hr drive back home. Usually, I woud pass the time listening to music, but this time I had a good conversation with my dad. I can still remember what he told me as we made our journey.

"Son," he said, "now that you've graduated, your school won't be content with all the money you paid for tuition. They'll ask for money at every turn."

And so it begins. 

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Maritza Ingram

What happened to KO Jo Kai, I was in that club 1988-'89, I was part of the founding members!!!! I'm sad if it isn't around anymore. I had so much fun with my sisters.

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Ron Sherman


Looking Back


Ron Sherman, Class of 1966


In a graduate class with Dr. Everet Ferguson we were taught to look back on our lives to see the hand of God.  With the challenge to write about how Oklahoma Christian has affected my life I have had the chance to see the wise and loving hand of God once more.


One of the required classes at OC in the 60’s was about great thinkers of Western Civilization and was taught by Dr. Harold Fletcher, who is retiring this year after a long and effective teaching career.  I doubt that Dr. Fletcher would remember a kid from California (nor should he remember an undistinguished student).  But I would remember him.


I had wanted to be a minister since the age of eight.  While I earned a Business Administration degree at OC, my heart was convicted of a call by God to preach.  For forty-one years I was privileged to serve as a full-time minister, primarily in California. 


In 2006 our house burned down.  A few weeks later I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure caused by a congenital heart valve problem.  I was given six weeks to live.  As it happened my wife,Sheila, happened (Thank you God!) works for a neuro-surgeon who had a class-mate who was the head of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery at USC.  Her boss picked up the phone and talked to his classmate and within a month I had a new aortic valve.  It took over a year to recover from the surgery and several other emotional blows, but at 62 I did not have the emotional stamina to continue preaching full-time.


I had taught part-time since 1981 at Antelope Valley College, in Lancaster, California.  I had started teaching the Bible as Literature and in 1982 was asked to teach a class on the Philosophy of Religion.  I accepted the offer and started to prepare my lessons.  I knew precious little about the subject, but as I prepared I remembered some of the things I had studied under Dr. Fletcher: Plato, Socrates, and Francis Bacon came limping back into my mind.  Along with them came the classical arguments for the existence of God: all ideas introduced by Dr. Fletcher and OC sixteen years earlier. 


I have grown much in the area of Philosophy: I now teach three classes each semester and find great joy in the interaction with the students and in opening their minds to new ideas.  Looking forward from the sixties I had seen a different future for my life.  Looking back from the twenty-first century I see the gracious hand of God preparing me for a better future, a present I would not trade for all my childish plans. 


Thank you Oklahoma Christian and especially Dr. Fletcher for preparing me for the unknown plans God had for me!


“For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  Jeremiah 29:11, NIV


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