A president comes home. A family rallies together.

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John deSteiguer holding a house-shaped sign
John deSteiguer
It's our heart-stretching, adventure-having, soul-filling stomping ground.

OC is Home

Meet John deSteiguer
(he's the guy holding the house)

John is OC's seventh president. He's a visionary man, full of stories and gushing with charisma. Perhaps you’ve heard of him?

John says "OC is home." At OC, adventures are had, faith is deepened, and life lessons learned. And, after you graduate, a big family roots you on and waits with open arms. More than 2,000 students find home at OC every year, and this home is theirs because alumni around the world believe in and give back to their alma mater.

In ’12-’13 we came together to celebrate John’s inauguration and the future of our OC home by setting a new record for alumni participation. And our Homeward hearts weren’t content with record-setting… we had ‘em set on record-shattering.

Thanks to you, home’s never looked this good. OC’s ranking, degree value, and community partnerships are on the rise. And we’re just getting started.

Photo of John deSteiguer holding a cutout of a house Drawing of bricks Drawing of a cloud Drawing of a speach bubble that reads 'How to make a home for a year'. Click drawings for info!
Dig in! It's NOT the season for sitting still.

OC Grows

It's John deSteiguer!
Your seventh OC president

And what's he got now? Looking skyward he shouts, "OC grows!" (Oh, it's a leaf. We get it.) And he's not kidding. Have you been on campus recently? Trails, apartments, labs, ballfields, clock towers, trees, books, people, scholarships - it's been 11 years of spring around here.

But this campus is just getting started. We're adding 800 more students by 2017, doubling the endowment by 2022, and nipping this debt thing in the bud. Why are we so confident? Because we have 10,000+ awesome, record-breaking alumni across the globe. And when they unite, anything's possible. (Believe us. We’ve seen it.)

So hold onto your trowels. We outgrew the status quo in 2013. This year we’re Homeward proud and we’re leaving the ground behind.  

John deSteiguer holding a leaf-shaped sign See how we've grown since 2002 Drawing of the veins on a leaf You've seen how home happens and now how we grow. Look for more as we prepare to head homeward, August 27th. Drawing of the a leaf vein Drawing shading on a leaf Click drawings for info!
We're teaching them to fish.

OC is Mission

Guess Who!
Why, it’s President John deSteiguer.

And hey! He’s snagged quite the catch. (Can you believe he hefted that sucker with one hand?)

But he didn’t reel this one in alone. For more than 60 years, budding difference-makers at OC have learned to get out of the boat and cast their nets wide. And, as today’s catch illustrates, our OC fishermen (and fisherwomen) have truly gone global with the story and love of our savior.

Thousands more are getting inspired right now, and the difference they’re primed to make is thanks in no small part to the droves of OC anglers that came before them.

So get inspired. We’re not only on a mission—OC is Mission. And we’re taking Jesus worldwide as we head Homeward.

John deSteiguer holding a fish-shaped sign Drawing of fishing line Drawing of a fishing line and bobber Drawing of water Click drawings for info!

It's all about you

Supporting our new prez, showing your eagle pride, making a kingdom difference

We’re Homeward Proud

In ’12-’13, we showed the world what Eagles are made of—that the status quo just isn’t in our DNA. Now we’re cranking the Alumnometer up to eleven (well, 1700 actually) and we’re making it blaze. Because the truth is: when record-breaking’s in your blood, and you pump maroon AND gray, that brilliant Homeward fire’s no one-time thing. It’s an all-the-time thing.

Any amount. Any OC project. You give. You count.

It’s never been brighter than this.

OC Alumni Participation
(# of grads giving each year)


2278 / 2278

Stand up and be counted as we set a record
for alumni participation in 2013-2014

Every alumni giver counts. Every gift makes a difference. Head homeward with us:

Home fund
Grows fund
Mission fund
Help build a home
for a year.
Be the sunshine
on our leaves.
Go fishing.

Not sure which fund to choose? Want to give anyway?


We'll put it where it's most needed.

We're super-duper proud of you

Your maroon and gray are showing.

Instagram a pic in your new Homeward threads and give the world a taste of that OC Pride. #OCHomeward