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Know a Student Who Shows Potential?

Nominate Them for Theology Summer Academy!

Theology Summer Academy is more than a camp. It's a chance for students with gifts and aptitudes for Christian leadership to explore the callings that God has for them. Likewise, nominating a student is more than a recommendation—it's a chance for you to name the qualities they have that catch your attention and then share that insight with the student. It's also a chance to affirm that someone they know (and look up to!) thinks they have what it takes to be a Christian leader.

In addition, for each unique nomination a student receives, that student will get a $25 discount off their cost of attendance. (A student may receive up to $100 in total discounts.)

As you consider who to nominate, keep in mind four kinds of students who gain a lot from Theology Summer Academy:

  1. The Ministers in Training—These student are already apprentices in ministry, filling roles of discipling others, preaching, leading worship, teaching, Christian nonprofit work, and/or other ministries. They may express interest in doing ministry full time. 

  2. The Young Scholars—These students have a thirst for knowledge and are fascinated by Scripture as well as Christian history and tradition. They yearn for deep study and the chance to explore big, important questions.

  3. The Active Members—These students are involved in youth group and/or other ministries and show promise for future leadership roles. They may not be considering full-time ministry, but they still desire to learn and grow in their faith.

  4. The Untapped Observers—These students may not speak up much or appear very involved in ministry, but their talents, knowledge, and/or perspective could richly bless others if given the opportunity and training.

Many students you think of will fit into more than one of these category, and some students have gifts that aren't named in any of them. Whatever their potential for Christian leadership, Theology Summer Academy will let them explore that potential and live more deeply into their identity as Christian leaders. Nominate a student today!

Nominate a Student