Academic Merit Scholarships

All academic awards are reviewed on an annual basis for each incoming class. Modifications for future incoming classes will not change your academic award.

  • Presidential Academic Success Scholarship (PASS) -- This scholarship is available to first-time freshmen with an ACT score of 22 or above or an SAT score of 1020 or above.  A student may receive this scholarship up to 10 semesters of undergraduate enrollment and must maintain a 2.8 cumulative GPA to keep the award. This scholarship will be prorated for part-time enrollment. Documentation of your ACT/SAT scores is required. Refer to the following chart to determine the amount of your Academic Scholarship.

Please note: At this time, Oklahoma Christian does not incorporate the writing section of the SAT into the total SAT score.  Therefore, only the combination of the verbal and math sections are used to determine the amount of the PASS award.T

Academic scholarship (yearly)
  • National Merit Finalist Scholarship -- This scholarship is determined by the National Merit Corporation and is awarded in the spring of a student's senior year. A student may receive this award up to 10 semesters and must maintain a 3.0 cumulative college GPA and participate in OC's Honor program to keep the award. 

Finalists receive full tuition, mandatory fees, room and board (minus any other OC award). 

  • This award is prorated for part-time students.
  • Scholarship room expenses provide for OC's basic housing unit.  If a student chooses to live in private room and/or a higher priced dorm/apartment, the student will be responsible for the difference in housing prices.
  • Board expenses cover the standard meal plan but do not cover add-on points. If a student chooses to add additional points beyond what may be covered on his/her meal plan, the student will be responsible for the incremental costs.
  • Mandatory fees to not include private music lessons and fees for special programs such as Pacific Rim, Vienna, CCCU study abroad, and others that may be developed.
  • For National Merit Finalists, OC will apply $2,000 of the Oklahoma State Regents Scholarship (discussed below) to help cover the cost of full tuition, room and board.  The additional $2,000 will be applied to the student's account and can be used as a credit or may help pay for books, costs for available upgraded student housing options, etc.


  • Oklahoma State Regents Scholarship -- This is awarded by the Oklahoma State Regents and is worth up to $4,000 per year for up to 8 semesters. Students from Oklahoma must have a total ACT subscore of 133 or above. National Merit Finalists who are not residents of Oklahoma can also apply for this scholarship. A student must maintain a 3.25 cumulative GPA. For more information, please contact the Oklahoma State Regents Office by phone at (405) 225-9131 or (800) 858-1840.   Additional information can also be found online at


  • Transfer Scholarship -- This scholarship is based on the cumulative GPA of all college transfer work. The scholarship is good for up to 10 semesters. This scholarship will be prorated for part-time enrollment. Students transferring more than 15 credit hours and who have attended another higher education institution starting in the fall semester after their high school senior year will be considered transfer students for financial aid purposes. A student should submit complete college transcript(s) to OC for consideration. A student must maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA to keep this award. Refer to the following chart to determine the amount of the scholarship.
Cumulative GPA
Scholarship Amount (yearly)


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