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Aaron Askew

Aaron Askew

From Tulsa, OK Aaron attended Oklahoma Christian and serves students in Tulsa and Northeast Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri.

Favorite OC Professor

Dr. Phillip Patterson

My favorite OC professor is Dr. Patterson. He consistently challenged me to do better work than I was doing, and always acknowledged when I had done something great. He was harsh without ever making me feel bad, he was encouraging without ever giving me a big head. He is a huge role model to me of someone who has real passion and real skill for what he does. He is also still my favorite person to see walking around this campus.

Favorite OC Memory

My favorite memory was all four years of the craziness that came along every night after the performances of Spring Sing. Everyone is stressed, sleep deprived, nervous, and sore. That combination makes you become pretty out of it and those nights we would go to chick-fil-a, bdubs, someone's apartment or wherever and just let out all the craziness of that week. Little of what we said or did can even be remembered and probably made no sense but I remember they were some of my best times in college. 

Call Aaron at (800) 877.5010, ext. 5060 or (405)425-5060.


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