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Admissions counselors are special advisors that will help you get through the admissions process.

If you are a student from the Edmond or OKC area, please call the Admissions Office at 405-425-5050 to connect with your counselor.

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MaKenna Estes

MaKenna Estes

MaKenna Estes is from Washington, Oklahoma. She graduated from Oklahoma Christian in 2011.

Favorite OC Professor: Dr. Newell

Dr. Newell is one of those professors that is known as a hard professor. You don’t mess around in his class. My favorite thing about him is that he expects nothing but your best, and anything but your best is not acceptable. He teaches you to work hard and to try and to try again. He also taught me that if I work hard and fail but I give my best eventually I will get there. He was always there after class to help me with my endless questions and was the first to praise when I got it right. Him and his wife were also my sponsors on my study abroad trip. I couldn’t have asked for better sponsors than Ryan and Tammie Newell.

Favorite Memory at OC: I have so many favorite memories I will narrow it down to two favorite experiences.

My first favorite experience was my Study Abroad trip. Studying abroad for a whole semester in college is the best. The culture, the food, the people you are traveling with, the people you meet while abroad is just an experience you will never be able to get again. I am so thankful for my time abroad.

My second favorite experience was intramurals. Intramurals are so fun! Even if you aren’t good at the sport it is so fun to be able to participate and compete. It’s a great way to meet new people and have fun with your friends.

Call MaKenna at (800) 877.5010, ext. 5052 or (405)425-5052.


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