Undergraduate Degree Costs

Oklahoma Christian University held its prices flat for three straight years and worked to ensure a modest increase for 2014-2015, making a first-rate college education more affordable for students and their families. As part of our commitment to affordability, OC does not charge undergraduate student fees, and more than 90% of our undergraduate students receive financial aid.

Use our Net Price Calculator,, to learn what your likely "net price" would be ... and don't hesitate to call us if you have any questions. You can contact your Personal Financial Counselor (PFC) directly or reach us at 800.877.5010, ext. 5190, or 405.425.5190.

Tuition (12-17 hours per semester)

Housing (Typical price for shared freshman housing)



Meal Plan (Residence Hall Meal Plan)


Individual tuition, meal plan, and housing costs may vary due to additional hours, housing assignment, meal plan, private music lessons, and/or nursing clinical tuition.

2014-2015 Housing Costs

2014-2015 Meal Plan Costs

2014-2015 Printable List of All Undergraduate Costs

2014 Undergraduate Summer Tuition $375/hour*

* OC Scholarships do not apply for summer tuition costs.

Graduate Degree Costs

Before seeking a graduate degree, students must complete an undergraduate bachelor's degree.

School Cost



** All new students entering the Graduate School of Business in fall 2014 pay a tuition rate of $484/hour.