Student-Led Entrepreneurship

Water DrillingThe Rwandan Presidential Scholars have not only excelled in the classroom, but also demonstrated excellent leadership qualities in student-driven enterprises. Four such ventures are Rwandan Girls Empowerment, Rwandans4Water, and Emerging Leaders & Entrepreneurs Summit.

Rwandan Girls Empowerment 

Rwandan Girls Empowerment is an organization desiring to give back to Rwanda by providing education opportunities for underprivileged Rwandan girls. Rwandan Girls Empowerment’s goal is to increase the number of girls who graduate from high school in Rwanda by creating a network of donors to sponsor the cost of high school education and volunteers to run programs to empower the girls. 


Rwandans4Water began when a group of OC Rwandan students prepared to return to Rwanda for an internship during the summer of 2010. Rwandans4Water is helping solve the problem of acquiring clean water in Rwanda’s rural communities. They are drilling water wells using simple, affordable and amenable technology to increase access to clean water. was started in 2008 by a Rwandan Presidential Scholar to help promote Rwandan music to international audiences. Now, has become one of the most visited Rwandan websites. Offering daily news about Rwandan artists along with music, videos and photos, is helping promote Rwandan culture across borders. 

Emerging Leaders & Entrepreneurs Summit

As a country with a predominantly young population, Rwanda needs the active participation of its youth to ensure lasting development. The Emerging Leaders and Entrepreneurs Summit is an event organized by OC Rwandan students and other Rwandan students in the United States to showcase entrepreneurial projects and ideas championed by young Rwandans studying in the U.S. The event will bring together these young achievers, prospective partners, and Rwandan supporters to encourage the implementation of these ideas and to build a strong leadership network. The event will be a springboard for future leaders and innovators, and will have a big impact on Rwanda and the world at large.