Professional Education Minor

 1. 10 hours required

 2. 3 hours psychology

PSYC-3523 - Developmental Psychology

 3. 5 hours electives from

  • Education
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Elementary Education

Students wishing to pursue an Education minor must be approved by the Chair of the School of Education. A plan of study, as determined by the major advisor and the Chair of the School of Education, must be filed. Students must meet prerequisites as defined by the catalog. This is also the suggested course of study for students pursuing a Interdisciplinary Studies Degree.

Alternative Certification

The following requirements are for those persons who hold a bachelor’s degree in the discipline in which the license is sought.

18 hours

1. 10 hours required

2. 3 hours appropriate methods course

PSYC-3523 - Developmental Psychology

3. 5 hours of course work from the department that houses the licensure program Exceptions may be granted through the approval of the Chair of the School of Education.

A student who has been denied admission to teacher education or who has lost admission status will not be approved for alternative certification.

Spanish Proficiency:

Any candidate for teacher licensure may achieve a Spanish Proficiency by completing one of the following:

1. a minimum of 12 hours in Spanish or the equivalent of courses through Intermediate Spanish II

2. eighteen hours in Spanish or the equivalent of two courses beyond Intermediate Spanish II

3. four courses beyond novice-level proficiency. Additional requirements include field experience for immersion in the Spanish language (to be approved by advisor).

Students may earn six of the required 12 hours in Spanish while spending a full month immersed in the target language and culture. The proficiency is noted on the transcript, but has no effect on licensure.

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