Oklahoma Christian Pre-Medical Program


Oklahoma Christian University Pre-Med StudentsOklahoma Christian's pre-med programs, housed in the updated Herold Science Hall and the renowned Gaither Center for Biology, prepare students interested in medical careers to reach their goals. As a college that offers pre-med programs in Oklahoma City, we are proud of a better than 90% medical school acceptance rate for qualified students. Academic rigor, small class sizes, excellent lab facilities and a caring faculty who walk students through the process of application, are some of the reasons that make Oklahoma Christian's pre-med programs among our most popular academic pursuits.

Adaptable programs include:

  • Pre-dental
  • Pre-medical
  • Pre-occupational therapy 
  • Pre-optometry
  • Pre-pharmacy
  • Pre-physical therapy
  • Pre-physician associate

There are many professional programs in the health sciences available to students, requiring a variety of preparations for admittance. Those students wanting to become physicians (M.D. or D.O.), dentists, optometrists, podiatrists, chiropractors, and veterinarians will usually need to complete a B.S. degree before being accepted into a post-graduate program.

Requirements at different professional schools vary so students should decide at which schools they plan to seek admissions and work closely with their OC faculty advisors to make certain that all entrance requirements are met. Oklahoma Christian has an excellent record of acceptances into a number of professional schools.

Common Questions and Answers

Do you have a "Pre-Med" degree at Oklahoma Christian?

Oklahoma Christian University, like almost all accredited colleges and universities, does not have a "Pre-med" degree, however, we have a superb "pre-med" program that will propel students to a variety of medically related post-graduate programs. Since most medical schools do not specify which degree you must have to get into medical school, Oklahoma Christian has many degrees which you can pursue if you are interested in going to medical school.

Is there a particular degree that a student interested in medical school pursue? 

At Oklahoma Christian, most of our students who have gone on to medical school have pursued an undergraduate degree in either biochemistry or biology. Others have pursued degrees in chemistry, engineering physics and even English.

How many years do I have to go to school to become a doctor?

The answer varies a little depending on your high school preparation, your degree program at Oklahoma Christian and the specialty area of medicine you decide to practice. Typically, it takes four years at Oklahoma Christian, four years in medical school and three to seven years for internship and residency.

What is OC's placement rate for acceptance into medical school?

More than 90% of qualified Oklahoma Christian graduates have been accepted into medical school over the last six years. Our graduates attend and succeed in medical schools all over the country, do well in residencies and have thriving practices. In recent years, OC graduates have been accepted to Boston University, the State University of New York, Texas Tech University, The University of Texas at Galveston, The University of Texas at Houston, The University of West Virginia and the University of Oklahoma. 

What factors are important in getting into medical school?

There are four major areas that are considered by medical school admission boards - grades, MCAT scores, faculty recommendations and medically related experiences. At Oklahoma Christian we try to help you pick the right courses based on your high school background and encourage you to achieve the most you can. The MCAT is a standardized exam usually taken your junior year at OC that covers chemistry, physics, biology, quantitative areas and writing. The Pre-Professional Advisory Committee, a faculty committee, monitors your progress during your time at Oklahoma Christian and provides the necessary recommendations to meet necessary requirements. Our health professions club, Philiatros, provides opportunities to hear from many professionals in the medical profession, and provides access to volunteer programs at the several local hospitals.