Program Overview

    Primary Features:

    • OC’s RN to BSN program has a strong Christian leadership component throughout the entire program.
    • Our program is all online.
    • Students can take one or two courses every eight weeks with flexible assignment dates.
    • The normal $25 application fee is waived for all RN to BSN applicants!

    Admission Requirements:

    1. Official transcripts verifying an AA or AS degree-maximum of 65 credit hours can be transferred from a 2-year college.
    2. An overall cumulative GPA of 2.5.
    3. Copy of current United States RN licensure from the state in which you are implementing the required practicum assignments.
    4. Copy of current health insurance.
    5. Copy of current immunizations.
    6. In good standing with the Board of Nursing in state of current licensure.
    7. Access to a computer and high-speed Internet.


    1. Students must maintain a 2.5 GPA to progress within the nursing program.
    2. Students must comply with the nursing RN to BSN program policies and procedures.

    Graduation Requirements:

    1. A minimum of 126 credit hour equivalents are required for graduation with a BSN degree from OC. Credit for general education requirements must be met as determined by degree audit by the OC Registrar’s Office after review of all official college transcripts.
    2. The following general education courses will be offered online as part of the RN to BSN degree completion program, unless these course requirements already have been met: Microbiology; Statistics; Humanities; 6 hours of Bible: Urban Ministries and Bible Capstone course.
    3. If a student has an AAS degree in nursing, the Oklahoma Board of Regents requires additional general education requirements.
    4. Applicants will receive credit as needed for the following prerequisite courses, plus 2000-level and 3000-level nursing courses (with the exception of Missions), based on ”extracurricular experiences”: completion of an associate’s degree in nursing, successful passage of NCLEX-RN, and meeting annual education requirements of healthcare facilities:
    • 6 hours - Anatomy and Physiology
    • 3 hours - Chemistry
    • 3 hours - Nutrition
    • 3 hours - Developmental Psychology
    • 3 hours - College Algebra                           

    Nursing Core Curriculum (28 hours):

    • Transition to Professional Nursing
    • Transforming Care: Nursing Theory in Practice
    • Health Care and Christian Service
    • Pathophysiology
    • Treatment Modalities
    • Health Promotion and Wellness
    • Go Into All the World: Community Nursing 
    • Nursing Research & Evidence Based Practice
    • Contemporary Christian Nursing Leadership
    • Trends & Issues (ethical/legal) for Professional Nurses
    • RN to BSN Nursing Capstone

    Questions? Email Rhea Lee, RN to BSN Coordinator.