Wednesday Classes/Events Cancelled

All OC classes, exams, and activities after 11:30 AM are canceled for today - Wednesday, February 21 . Please continue to monitor campus communication for additional weather-related information.

Progression Requirements

  • In addition to meeting the general university requirements, nursing students must achieve a minimum grade of "C" in each required support course and an overall GPA of 3.0. Once admitted, the student must maintain a 3.0 average GPA each semester in order to continue in the nursing program.
  • If a student earns less than the minimum grade of "C" in any two required support courses, suspension from the nursing “declared” major is automatic. If successful completion is not obtained within one academic year, dismissal from the nursing major is automatic.
  • Non-nursing support courses may be repeated once to achieve the minimum grade of "C".  (All repeated courses are highly encouraged to be taken at Oklahoma Christian University).
  • A grade of "D", or "F" in any NURS designated nursing course constitutes an automatic probation and this course has to be repeated which will require an extension because the course offerings have a ‘building effect’ and offered only once per year. Successful completion of the other courses taken that semester do not have to be repeated.  Due to a grade of “D” or “F”, the student will not be allowed to progress to the next semester until a grade of “C” or better is obtained.
  • All requirements for an Incomplete in prerequisite and/or nursing courses must be completed before a student can progress to the next semester.
  • Withdrawal for any reason will necessitate reapplication and reconsideration for admission.
  • Any nursing major who demonstrates behavior inconsistent with the Policies of Oklahoma Christian University or ANA Code of Ethics outlined in the OC student handbook is subject to immediate dismissal from the nursing program.
  • Students may repeat one NURS designated nursing course one time if less than a “C” grade (77%) is earned without being dropped from the Program.
  • Students are discontinued from the Nursing Program if grades of “D” or “F” are earned in two or more NURS designated nursing courses.
  • Students who have been unable to achieve or maintain a 3.0 GPA for 2 or more semesters are discontinued from the nursing program.
  • All Nursing Progression Policies apply to all students enrolled in the nursing program upper division courses.
  • Students may be discontinued from the nursing program when their academic, clinical, or personal performance is determined to be inconsistent with professional responsibility and accountability.  In rare instances, the safety of patients may necessitate removal of a student from a clinical; thereby the student will receive an “F” in that course.  Faculty members are responsible for recommending this action to the Director of Nursing.  This removal will follow the procedure of “due process” unless the client’s safety is involved.
  • As a minimum requirement for participating in a clinical, students’ performance must be in compliance with the Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice published by the ANA, Ethical Code of ANA, and Rules and Regulations of OC’s Department of Nursing’s Policies including        ". . . not accepting an assignment when one’s physical or emotional condition prevents the safe and effective delivery of care...”  When in the opinion of the faculty a student is not prepared for the educational activity or is in violation of the above stated standards of conduct and/or of the Nursing Program Policies in conjunction with OC’s institutional policies, including but not limited to impairment by reasons of alcohol and/or drug abuse, the student is dismissed from clinical for the day by the faculty and the student is given an “F.”  The faculty may recommend further action to the Chair of Nursing.