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SAE Aero

The SAE Aero Team, Tennis Ballers, is creating a clean-sheet design, manufacturing from scratch, and building a remote control airplane that can carry 27 tennis ball passengers and their luggage around the course at SAE Aero West 2017 in Ft. Worth, Texas. We are required to use a 1,000 W power limiter in this competition. Tennis Ballers includes 8 senior mechanical engineering students: Mitch Barron, Ben Griffith, Layne Hammer, Joshua Hartman, Ian McElfresh, Marina Pendleton, Wesley Shepherd, and Jordan VanBuskirk. Our faculty mentor is Professor Brad Buxton. We need to raise $7,200 to buy the building materials we need and to pay the $1,000 registration fee. If we can raise an additional $7,800, we will be able to purchase a laser cutter, a precision manufacturing tool that would significantly increase the quality and performance of our plane at the SAE competition. The laser cutter we want is backordered due to popularity and would not arrive in time for our project, but we could acquire it for the benefit of OC’s future SAE Aero teams.

Goal = $15,000.00

Raised = $500.00

Givers =

SAE Baja

Team TerReign is in the process of building a single person off-road vehicle to compete in an international competition hosted in Pittsburg Kansas. This car design is a completely new design constrained by SAE international guidelines. SAE Baja will consist of 110 cars competing in both Static Events that grade the car based on cost and design and Dynamic Events that measure the car’s performance in a sled pull, a suspension event, a maneuverability event, and a four hour endurance race.. Team TerReign is composed of twelve Senior Mechanical Engineering students: Caleb Wimer, Blake Yort, Forrest Whiddon, Dustin Placko, Zachary Coulson, Stephen Lefan, Austin Kruzich, Ben Griffith, Musset Fils-Aime, Will Wilkinson, Moise Ingabire, and Jim Dalton. TerReign is also proud to announce the inclusion of a Freshman, Ethan Loyd, to assist in Manufacturing and help maintain experiential knowledge between Baja Teams. The car and competition is expected to cost about $14,000 including travel. So far we have been able to cover our registration cost of $1,250 through SGA and we have been provided $800 initially by OC Engineering. Thank you for your support in our competition, especially our friendly competition between other colleges you may recognize, Harding University and Lipscomb. -Caleb Wimer, Team Captain

Goal = $14,000.00

Raised =

Givers =