Past Results


2016 Award Winners

Best Overall Score – Team Tornadoes (Homeschool)

This award denotes the team that scored the highest combined point total considering all aspects of the completion (as outlined in the competition rules)

Best System Efficiency – Team Tornadoes

This award denotes the team that captured the largest percentage of the available wind power at the designated turbine rotational rate of 100 RPM. System efficiency was the main goal of the 2016 Baugh Wind Energy Competition.

Most Balanced Design – Team Killer Winds (Indiahoma)

This award denotes the team with the design that demonstrates “balance” in the design process. This is determined by considering the amount of material used (mass), the complexity of construction, and system performance.

Best Blade Efficiency – Team Warriors (Western Oaks Middle School)

This award denotes the team that designed the most efficient individual blade. This is computed by dividing the generated power by the blade count of the turbine.

Best Mass Efficiency – Team Romans (Frances Tuttle)

This award denotes the team that managed to generate the most power at 100 RPM per kilogram of blade material. Thus this award gives preference to lightweight designs.

Most Cost Effective Construction– Team Sneaky Breezes (Indiahoma)

This award denotes the team that used the most cost effective construction techniques (and materials) while still producing an operating design.

Young Investigator Award - Michael Morrison (Frances Tuttle)

This award is given to the individual student who exhibits determination as a designer.