Delayed Campus Opening

The OC campus will open at 11:30am on Thursday, February 22. Classes will resume beginning at 11:40am . Please continue to monitor campus communication for additional weather-related information.

What can I do with my degree?

Critical Thinking skills acquired in the study of History and Political Science are essential in a variety of careers and prepare students for success in a global environment.

Graduate Education in History, Political Science and Law

      -Advanced degrees in History and Political Science

      -Advanced degrees in Law

Teaching and Education Careers

      -Primary and Secondary Education

      -Colleges and Universities

      -Education Agencies and Foundations

      -Libraries and Archives

Private Non-Profit Organizations

      -Historical Projects


      -Research Institutes

Public Agencies

      -Legislative Bodies

      -Regulatory agencies

      -Planning agencies

      -International Agencies

      -Executive Agencies


      -Offices of History of the U.S. Military

Private Sector Corporations


      -Genealogical Services

      -Human Resources

      -Consulting: Research/Writing, Publishing, Public Relations