Upcoming Courses

Your coursework in the Graduate School of Theology can be classified as general Bible, Church History, Family Life Ministry, General Ministry, Greek, Hebrew, Theology, and Youth Ministry. Such courses are generally part of a study core, track requirement, or part of an elective pool. Core classes required for degree programs are offered on a regular annual or bi-annual rotation. Courses included in the elective pool are scheduled regularly, but with no guarantee that every course will have sufficient enrollment to be offered.

As you begin your studies at the Graduate School of Theology, a degree plan will be made for you detailing which courses are recommended for you each semester based on your preferred pacing and personal interests.  This serves as a road map for your education so that you always know what courses are coming up, and what elective options you have, and when you will graduate.

If you would like to see more course information and descriptions, check the Graduate Catalog. You also can check below for recent and upcoming course offerings. 

Course Offerings for the Spring 2017 semester

The first day of spring classes is Tuesday, January 9th.

Graduate School of Theology 2017 Spring Course Offerings

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