Fast Forward Program

Undergraduate students at OC now have the opportunity to earn credits in the Graduate School of Theology while working on their bachelor’s degree.  Up to 25% of a degree in the Graduate School of Theology can be earned through this program, saving a significant amount of time and money. 

Program Summary:
There are several courses available in the OC undergraduate program that are also taught in the Graduate School of Theology (GST).  Although the bulk of these courses is the same, there are differences in the expectations of student work.  In general, the assignments are very similar, only expanded for the graduate version of the course.  With the Fast Forward program, undergraduate students (and OC students who have recently graduated) now have the opportunity to “level up” to the graduate version of a qualifying course by doing a few additional activities.  If the additional work is approved, the student will be given graduate school credit for the course.  Additional activities might include such things as a longer research paper, extra book reviews, additional exams, etc. This is an extra bit of work that has a significant payoff.

Who can participate:
Two groups of students can participate: current OC undergraduate students and recent OC graduates.

Current OC undergraduate students: While this certainly applies to students majoring within the College of Biblical Studies, the Fast Forward program is for all OC students, including those majoring in other colleges such as the College of Engineering and Computer Science, Business Administration, Liberal Arts, and Natural and Health Sciences.

Recent OC graduates:  Students who have graduated from OC within the last two years may pursue Fast Forward credits for qualifying courses taken while pursuing a bachelor’s degree. Students do not have to repeat qualifying courses; only complete the additional activities required to receive Fast Forward credits, building up on work that has already been done.

When Fast Forward credits are applied:
Any Fast Forward credits earned will be applied to the student’s Graduate School of Theology transcript after at least half of the graduate coursework has been completed.  The GST office will keep track of how many Fast Forward credits have been earned and will apply them at the correct time.

When Fast Forward credits are applied, the cost just $50 per course.  This will be added to the student’s account and may be paid with your normal tuition for the semester.

Qualifying Courses:
Below is a list of courses that qualify for the Fast Forward program.  For information regarding additional activities needed to earn Fast Forward credits, please contact the Graduate School of Theology at or 405-425-5389. 

BIBL 3163 / MISS 3153: Urban Ministry
BIBL 3203: Biblical Exegesis
BIBL 3333 / MISS 3313: Cross-Cultural Ministry
BIBL 3243: Old Testament Prophets: 7th-5th Century
BIBL 3823: Counseling for Ministers
BIBL 4423: Gospel of John
BIBL 4713: Restoration History
BIBL 3613: Job-Song of Solomon
GREK 1113: Elementary Greek I
GREK 1213: Elementary Greek II
HBRW 3113: Elementary Hebrew I
HBRW 3213: Elementary Hebrew II 

All Fast Forward credits must be earned before the completion of the first two semesters in the Graduate School of Theology.  Additionally, former OC undergraduate students must be enrolled in the Graduate School of Theology within two years of graduating from OC with a bachelor’s degree.  

Fast Forward credits can only be earned in conjunction with qualifying undergraduate courses taken at OC.  If a similar undergraduate course is taken at another university, that course cannot be used to gain Fast Forward credits.

Students must earn a “B” or better in the qualifying undergraduate course in order to earn Fast Forward credits, even if the related additional activities have been completed.

The maximum number of Fast Forward credits that can be applied may not exceed 25% of a GST degree.  For the 73-credit hour MDiv degree, this means that up to 18 hours of Fast Forward credits can be applied.  For the 48-credit hour MACM and MTS degrees, up to 12 hours of Fast Forward credits can be applied.

Fast Forward credits that have not been applied to a GST degree are non-transferrable and so cannot be used in other graduate programs outside of the Graduate School of Theology.

If you have any questions about the Fast Forward program, please contact the Graduate School of Theology at, or 405-425-5478.