Program Overview & Schedule

Summary of Degree

The MSE is obtained by completing a minimum of 30 credit hours of coursework. The program is offered online.

The degree allows flexibility so that recent graduates and those who have been working in their careers for some time will have the ability to incorporate academic topics that are most useful for their future directions. The graduate faculty for this program are drawn from the faculty in OC’s College of Engineering and Computer Science. The online MSE offers flexibility for working professionals seeking a blend of engineering and project management content.

Mission Statement

The mission of the MSE program in the Graduate School of Engineering and Computer Science is to advance our graduates beyond the baccalaureate degree to become exceptional professional and technology leaders in engineering with top-notch ethics and integrity.

Purpose and Objectives

The MSE program in the Graduate School of Engineering and Computer Science seeks to fulfill OC’s mission to transform lives for Christian faith, scholarship, and service. The MSE is a rigorous educational program, with a broad selection of classes that will enhance the abilities of new engineering graduates and practicing professionals who aspire to make significant contributions in technology, innovation, and productivity. The program is designed to allow a student to select areas that will add depth and breadth to his or her technical and business knowledge.

The graduate of OC’s MSE program should have the following characteristics:

  1. Increased depth of knowledge in engineering and management, including a blend of current theory and practice.
  2. Increased breadth of knowledge extending beyond engineering management into other engineering, mathematics, and business topics.
  3. Enhanced communication skills within the practice of engineering and the management of technology.
  4. Knowledge of issues of ethics and social responsibility and an understanding of Christian values and faith.


The MSE degree at Oklahoma Christian University has been accredited by the Higher Learning Commission [30 North LaSalle Street, Suite 2400, Chicago, IL 60602 (800-621-7440)] since 2009.