Engineering Summer Academy

Engineering Summer Academy 2015

Incoming 2015 freshman engineering majors are invited to join us for OC's Engineering Summer Academy (ESA) 1 PM Saturday, August 22nd through 4:30 PM Wednesday, the 26th. During this week, students work in small teams to solve a number of engineering projects such as catapult launches, decoding encrypted messages, and programming robotic vehicles. This is a great opportunity to decide which area of engineering and you want to study and to develop a strong network of engineering peers and professors before classes even begin!

ESA Registration (click here to register

Cost and Space Limitations

Cost is $550 and includes one hour of course credit (for ENGR 1111 Introduction to Engineering) as well as room and board for the entire week.  Payment can be made online.  Also, due to space limitations, ESA will be limited to the first 54 eligible students who sign up. For those who will not be living in the residence halls in the fall, no housing will be provided and the cost will be reduced to $520.


Students WILL be able to move directly into their dorms a week early and student housing will open up on Saturday August 22nd, between 9AM and 1PM.  Housing opens for the rest of the incoming freshman class on Tuesday August 25th.

Take Flight and Earn Your Wings

Students attending ESA are strongly encouraged to join us for our Take Flight sessions on May 1st or June 26th. However, if students are unable to attend the first two orientation sessions, then we will take care of the main orientation items  during ESA, and attending the final Take Flight session on August 25th will not be required. Earn Your Wings (EYW), however, is still required for all new students, and ESA students will participate in all EYW activities.


Please contact your admissions counselor or Student Life for more information about Take flight and Earn Your Wings programs.