CES Scholarship

Mission: To encourage the brightest students to use their gifts in service to God as Christian engineers.

The Christian Engineer Scholars (CES) Program at Oklahoma Christian University is the premier program for Christians pursuing an engineering degree.

More than 300 of the brightest engineering students in the country already have studied engineering through this program that emphasizes Christian ethics, service and engineering excellence. Now the program comes with an even better scholarship and more integration of faith and learning. We want you to be in the next group of Christians who join the CES community.

Educational Value

  • Integrate faith into your engineering career
  • Develop leadership skills in Christian service and ethics
  • Experience an interdisciplinary approach to engineering

Financial Value

  • Earn a full tuition scholarship for your third and fourth years
  • Save thousands of dollars for your engineering degree  

Scholarship information

CES Scholarship Options

  • You have the option of choosing the comprehensive CES scholarship described here OR any other OC scholarship package.
  • At any time during the first four years, you have the option to exchange the CES scholarship for the ACT-based PASS scholarship.  Once you have made that exchange you cannot obtain the CES scholarship again.

CES Scholarship Details

  • Scholarship amounts represent annual amounts; this amount is divided by two each semester.
  • Students in third and fourth years with GPAs over 3.0 receive 100% tuition (up to 18 hours per semester). The full tuition scholarship does not include books, room and/or meal plan.
  • Scholarship amount is based on cummulative GPA from previous year and has three levels.
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Level 1 (GPA>3.00)
Level 2 (2.75<GPA<2.99)
Level 3 (2.50<GPA<2.74)

CES Scholarship Requirements

  • Scored a composite ACT of 25 (SAT 1130), with math subscore of at least 23 (SAT 540)
  • Start as a freshman in the School of Engineering
    • Computer, Electrical or Mechanical Engineering
    • Computer Science
    • Mathematics
  • Remain in the School of Engineering
  • Participate in the CES program

Application Information

  • For preferred consideration we ask all applications be submitted by March 31st of the senior year.
  • On-line application

For any questions please contact the CES Program Director at jeff.bigelow@oc.edu.