Giving Tree Theatre

We know that look. You think you’ve seen it all before. Community theater – been there, done that, got the preachy entertainment.

For your consideration … we’re something different.  

We’re the Giving Tree Theatre – by, of, for the community. We believe in the power of great stories to inform and shape lives; that you can think just as hard with belly laughs as frowns. We understand you can spot the difference between dull and dynamite entertainment miles away. So we give and give and give to get you the utmost for your family’s satisfaction.

We want to provide a premier showcase for our area’s talented artists. We want to inaugurate new talents into our thriving group of performers and technical artists. We want to cure cancer and solve world hunger with the power of potently produced performances – seriously.  

But we won’t settle for anything less than your family’s involvement in this exciting new dramatic enterprise.

Give up? Then get involved with the Giving Tree. There are lots of ways your talents and interests can make a difference.

  • Support our Kickstarter page! There are wonderful incentives for our special patrons.
  • Audition for a show – our auditions are open to both seasoned veterans and zealous newcomers.
  • Serve on one of our elite crews many hands make for light work.
  • Buy a couple of tickets for a friend or family member and start sharing Giving Tree today.  
  • Find us on Facebook (“Giving Tree Theatre”) – we like to be liked!

Welcome to great live theater. Welcome to a top notch marriage of community service and entertainment.  

Welcome to the Giving Tree Theatre!