Department of Communication

Two students sitting in studio ready for a broadcast


Don't just study it. Do it! Oklahoma Christian University provides students with countless opportunities to put their learning into practice through our Department of Communication.

Communication students learn theory and key information from experienced professors, then apply their knowledge in workshop opportunities outside of class.

Students get hands-on experience throughout their college careers. Eagle Media features a weekly newspaper, TV news broadcasts, radio shows, live sports productions, and film projects). OC Theater gives students the chance to participate in a full season of plays and musicals.

Students also benefit from OC's location in metropolitan Oklahoma City, which offers valuable access to internships and jobs.

Interesting Classes I Might Take

  • Advertising Principles
  • Business & Professional Communication
  • Electronic News Producing
  • Media Ethics
  • Motion Graphics
  • Public Relations Methods
  • Screenwriting for TV & Movies
  • Stage Directing
  • All Courses

What I Can Do With My Degree

Anchor/Reporter, Animator, Digital Media Professional, Director, Editor, Event Planner, News Manager, Photographer, Producer, Public Relations Director, Social Media Specialist, Sound Engineer, Teacher/Professor, Performer, Videographer, Web Designer



Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Communication is to train students to:

  • serve through words to honor the One who called himself the Word;

  • serve through scholarship as the young Jesus did in the Temple surrounded by His elders;

  • serve through stories to be like the Master Teacher who scarcely taught without a parable;

  • serve through images to remind the world of a God who made man in His own image;

  • serve through speech to access its power like the One who scrambled speech at the Tower of Babel and brought it back together again at Pentecost;

  • serve through drama to be like God who ransomed the world through the Passion of the cross;

  • serve through leadership modeling after the One who led by words, deeds and examples during His earthly ministry.


Any questions about this department? Contact Dr. Larry Jurney.