Alumni, you are an important part of our school . We are interested in your continued involvement with our programs since we need your help and also the value of your degree increases with the strength of our program. Please keep your alumni information up to date on the OC alumni web site and also let us know of your experiences and accomplishments and your interest in helping in specific ways. You can e-mail or call the following people as a first step:

  • Jeff Bigelow, Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering, (405) 425-5448
  • Wayne Whaley, Chair, Mechanical Engineering, (405) 425- 5424
  • Don Leftwich, Chair, Mathematical, Computer, and Information Sciences, (405) 425-5413

Please see the web page showing the companies that have hired our graduates and the graduate schools that our alumni have attended.

How to Help the School of Engineering

  • Give a guest lecture to a class or as a special seminar.
  • Serve on a departmental advisory committee.
  • Being an ambassador within your company and at your church for our programs and our graduates.
  • Hiring our graduates.
  • Hosting student tour groups at your company.
  • Serving as a mentor to one of our students.
  • Just send us your thoughts as they occur to you via e-mail or a phone call.

Alumni Congregation Contact
Alumni Letter Writing 

The university alumni office also can provide you with university-wide activities where you can help as well.